American States Utility Services Utility Technician III (19KS.18) in United States

Utility Technician III (19KS.18)

Location: FORT RILEY, KS

Pay range: 37,276-59,775

Job Code: 19KS.18


Date Posted: 1/11/18

Anticipated Start Date: April 2018

Through its wholly owned subsidiaries, American States Utility Services, Inc. contracts with the federal government to provide water and wastewater services that include operating, maintaining, renewing, replacing, and constructing new systems on military installations throughout the United States. The installations where we presently operate are home to nearly 350,000 military and civilian personnel and families.

We proudly deliver these vital services to military installations in Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas (including southeastern New Mexico),Virginia and Florida.

Serving those who serve.


  • Under minimal supervision, performs activities related to water and wastewater system maintenance, including water quality and water supply.

  • Inspects, installs, repairs, replaces, tests and certifies water mains, water services, water meters, fire hydrants, backflow protection devices and other related water system assets.

  • Inspects, installs, repairs and replaces sewer lines, lateral cleanouts, manholes, collection mains, operates video equipment on sewer lines, to determine system deficiencies and other related wastewater system assets.

  • Inspects sewer lift stations; ensures SCADA alarms are communicating; conducts visual inspections of wet wells and pump cycling and float conditions.

  • Responds to Service Orders related to line locations. Marks water and wastewater infrastructure, as well as subsidiary owned electric lines near pump stations and their respective emergency generator assemblies.

  • Performs customer support activity. Interacts with the public in a professional manner.

  • Notifies customers of scheduled and emergency outages.

  • Proficient with interpreting technical and operational documents, manuals, blueprints, system maps, construction specs and standards.

  • Reads meters manually and/or using automated equipment.

  • Responds quickly and accurately to service requests.

  • Operates heavy machinery, including dump truck, Vactor truck, and backhoe, as well as other related equipment, in performing skilled and semiskilled duties for water and system wastewater maintenance.

  • Timely completes work orders, forms, records, and other associated paperwork both manually and digitally.

  • Performs basic preventative maintenance of heavy machinery, greasing, fluid checks, pre-trip inspections, etc.

  • Analyzes and evaluates pump equipment. Troubleshoots malfunctions. Monitors water supply and wastewater operations.

  • Performs moderately complex tasks to ensure compliance with water quality, wastewater compliance, and environmental regulations.

  • Updates and executes System Flushing Program, Cross-Connection Control Program, Spill Response Program, and Preventative Maintenance Program.

  • Operates leak detection equipment and analyzes data to complete assigned duties.

  • Performs routine sampling of system water supply and wastewater systems.

  • Reads and interprets technical & operational documents, manuals, blueprints, and diagrams.

  • Must be able to effectively communicate with customers to effectively resolve any issues or concerns. Interacts with the public in a professional manner.

  • Helps resolve escalated customer complaints.

  • Completes forms, records, and other associated paperwork, both manually and digitally.

  • Works independently under general supervision of Utility Technician Lead.

  • Performs other duties as assigned.


  • Must possess knowledge and comprehension of safety practices for general construction and handling of all materials used in water and wastewater system operations, to include liquid and gaseous chemicals, as well as hazardous solids, confined space entry, competent excavation, electrical safety, etc., while being under minimal to no supervision. Application of such practices is mandatory.

  • Familiar with all aspects of field activities.

  • Familiar with all aspects of the water supply and wastewater collection systems.

  • Familiar and proficient with the operation of heavy machinery including dump truck, backhoe, Vactor truck, sewer jet, and rodding equipment.

  • Communication skills, including demonstrated fluency with reading, writing, and speaking the English language.

  • Able to utilize Microsoft Office software proficiently.

  • Must possess strong customer service skills.

  • Basic math skills required.


  • High school diploma or equivalent.

  • Minimum five (5) years as a Utility Worker II, or related position, in the water industry and / or wastewater industry

  • Must possess and keep current a valid Driver’s License issued by the state where employed.

  • Must possess and keep current a commercial Driver’s License issued by the state where employed.

  • Must possess and keep current the appropriate water and/or wastewater operator certification for this Position as required by the state where employed. If the State doesn’t require certifications, an acceptable industry standard will be used for required certification.

  • Backflow Device Tester and Repair Certification issued by the state where employed may be required.

  • Must take and pass Federal OSHA, US Army Corps of Engineers, and/or State Mandated Safety training, with annual refresher courses, as required by the associated regulations for this position. Such training will be provided by the Company and compliance is mandatory.

  • Must have the ability to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.


  • Working in confined spaces.

  • Working in areas exposed to noise and chemicals.

  • Working in extreme weather conditions.

  • Lifting and carrying loads up to 50 lbs.

  • Climbing inspection ladders.

  • Performing work up to the limits of elevated water storage tanks.

  • Standing, sitting, walking, lifting, carrying, pushing/pulling, reaching, handling, grasping, fine dexterity, kneeling, stooping, crouching, crawling, bending, twisting, climbing, balancing, vision, color determination, hearing, foot & hand controls.

The responsibilities of this position will involve access to information that may be considered confidential, private and sensitive. Therefore, the individual filling this position will be required to both allow and pass a background check in addition to physical exam.

NOTE: Reasonable accommodations will be made to enable individuals with special needs to perform the essential functions.

The above job description is not intended to be, nor should it be construed as, exhaustive of all responsibilities, skills or competencies associated with this job.