White County Histology Technician in United States


  1. Education: Medical degree or certificate or equivalent for position. Experience preferred.

  2. Training and Experience: Computer skills required and some training on the job.


This individual should be able to perform all histology stains and cover slipping while working under time constraints. This position also requires logging in specimens, change stains as needed, and any other duties requested by the Supervisor. Also, there will be a need for this individual to perform any work required for inspections such as QI, QC protocols and State Health inspections.


The position requires the individual to embed, cut, stain, and cover-slip histology specimens. Perform special and immunochemical stains for the Pathologist upon their request. Provide material and supplies to all proper client requests. Log in, stain, and cover slips for Histology. Keep the Histology Department clean by using proper CLIA cleaning procedures. Responsible for all other duties assigned by the Lam Manager or Pathologist. Prepare slides, reports, and other documentation to be sent out to requesting entities.