ASML Designer Stage Position Measurement in Veldhoven, Netherlands


Are you challenged by demanding projects in a multidisciplinary context? Do you have the technical capabilities to provide innovative solutions? Does contributing to the world’s most advanced lithography machines makes you feel responsible and proud? Then this might be the right opportunity for you.

Job Mission

Delivery of right solutions towards customers for the Stage Position Measurement function in ASML litho tools.

Job Description

The designer is responsible for:

If allocated to Mechatronics team:

  • Specifying mechatronics of interferometer/encoder systems or its interface to the machine as input for mechanical, electical and software designer
  • Monitoring and reviewing detailed design
  • Interfacing to software and hardware designers to get the design implemented
  • Functionally testing the implementation on machine.

If allocated to SPM model and calibrations team:

  • Designing mathematical models or calibrations, starting from available conceptual design choises.
  • Testing the design by simulation or machine test.
  • Documenting the design.
  • Interfacing to software and hardware designers to get the design implemented.
  • Functionally testing the implementation on machine.

If allocated to Installed base team:

  • Investigating issues in existing machines, finding containments, rootcauses and solutions
  • Designing solutions (see mechatronics team description)

University, Master in Mechatronics, Physics.


0 to 5yr development experience in the field of mechatronics or measurement systems with sufficient technical depth.

Personal skills
  • Team player, responsible, reliable, flexible, committed.
  • Strong pragmatic attitude, inquisitive, self-propelling and enthusiastic;
  • Out-of-the-box thinker, analytical thinking.
  • Being able to communicate complex topics in a simple way in order to convey your vision.
Context of the position

This position is in the DUV Stage Position Measurement group (SPM); a group of mechatronics and metrology architects, functional designers and integrators who define and engineer interferometer and encoder based position measurement systems in a range of ASML products. These systems are mostly developed in close cooperation with specialized measurement system suppliers outside ASML. Optics, Mechanics, Electronics, Mathematical models, Calibration and Diagnostics software are key elements of such a system. We work in several phases of the product lifetime; from feasibility through actual development and integration to sustaining the installed base.

Other information

Location: Veldhoven, Netherlands

Level: Bachelor

Experience: 0-2 Starter

Available since: 2/15/2018

Functional area: DUV

Background: Mechatronics

Reference: req151