Oracle Test Developer in Shenzhen, China

Test Developer

Preferred Qualifications

We are the The Oracle Systems, Clustering and

Storage Test group in Server Technology. We are responsible for Oracle's RDBMS

product that includes the revolutionary Database In-Memory Option which is

amongst our latest and most successful products. We are also responsible

for the Oracle Exadata Database Machine that delivers extreme performance and

scalability for all database applications, consolidation of mixed database

workloads, and many more technical advances.

Our test development engineer’s challenge is to code

applications to ensure the high quality of these complex products. This

presents an unique opportunity to work with and become an expert on various

premium and diverse features such as the Database In Memory Option, Automated

Storage Management (ASM), Real Application Clusters (RAC) and RDS/Infiniband

technology to name a few, in addition to mastery over the Oracle Database

itself. Our group handles automated testing for right from the network

layer to storage to imaging/installation/software upgrades right to every

single Oracle Database feature. You gain proficiency in scripting (Perl/Shell),

OS knowledge and programming with C/Java and/or PLSQL/SQL and exposure to a

wide range of technologies like Security, XML, Real Application Clusters, Data

Access, Data Warehousing, Grid Computing, Enterprise Replication, Advanced

Queuing, Messaging, Data Storage, Backup and Recovery, High Availability, COM ,

.Net, and more.

You will be interacting with a highly technical team here in the US, China, Mexico

and finally in India where we have significant presence. In this environment,

you will be challenged, meet people from various cultures and collaborate and

inventive to resolve and implement the many non-routine testing challenges that

we face. You will have the opportunity to thrive and grow your skills in

database technologies and participate in new functionalities and products.

Required Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Background:

  1. Master degree in Computer Science or related technology.

  2. It is expected that a suitable candidate is interested in


  1. Proficiency in Perl and other scripting languages is


  1. A proficiency in English is highly desirable.

We are a team that is distributed across the

globe in 4 different countries.

Email is our main medium of communication,

therefore it is important that the candidate can express complex ideas and

understand the same in English.

  1. Experience with Linux, PLSQL/SQL is preferred.

  2. 12 years of software engineering or

related experience.

Required Personal Attributes:

  1. Self-motivator, attention to details and team player.

  2. Ability to multitask and deliver under pressure.

Detailed Description and Job Requirements

Design, develop, troubleshoot and debug software programs for databases, applications, tools, networks etc.

As a member of the software engineering division, you will apply basic to intermediate knowledge of software architecture to perform software development tasks associated with developing, debugging or designing software applications or operating systems according to provided design specifications. Build enhancements within an existing software architecture and occasionally suggest improvements to the architecture.

Duties and tasks are standard with some variation; displays understanding of roles, processes and procedures. Performs moderately complex problem solving with assistance and guidance in understanding and applying company policies and processes. BS degree or equivalent experience relevant to functional area. 1 year of software engineering or related experience.

Job: Product Development

Location: CN-CN,China-Shenzhen

Job Type: Regular Employee Hire

Organization: Oracle