Turner Construction Company Quality Assurance - Quality Control Engineer in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Position Description: Implements the project-specific Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) Plan. Duties include planning, monitoring, documenting and reporting compliance with the contract documents in accordance with the project-specific QA/QC Plan.

Reports To: Quality Assurance/Quality Control Manager, Project Manager or Project Executive

Essential Duties & Responsibilities*:

  • Develop a comprehensive working knowledge and understanding of the contract documents (including Turner’s contract, plans, specifications and applicable codes).

  • Develop and execute the project-specific QA/QC Plan with scopes of work and work procedures.

  • Develop engineering procedures, including document control, submissions management, creation and tracking of Request For Information (RFIs), material samples, documentation and tracking of potential cost changes, documentation and tracking of approved change orders, within budgetary guidelines.

  • Implement project-specific QA/QC Plan in coordination with the project safety plan.

  • Ensure strict adherence to ethics and compliance requirements at all times.

  • Establish and maintain working relationships with owners, architects, consultants, subcontractors and vendors to ensure that the project-specific QA/QC Plan delivers a fully compliant project.

  • Understand the project execution plan and coordinate Quality Control procedures at appropriate stages of the work and in line with the project schedule.

  • Continually improve strategies and tools to efficiently and effectively document, track and record compliance with the contract documents.

  • Execute the project-specific QA/QC Plan in a manner that engages all project staff, subcontractors, vendors and consultants.

  • Conduct testing and inspections and arrange for third-party testing and inspections. Analyze and report the results.

  • Expand the development of the Plan as the project progresses as appropriate to expand the program by continually improving procedures.

  • Oversight of the development of Daily Construction Reports (DCRs).

  • Oversight of the development of punch lists.

  • Direct removal and replacement of, and document all non-compliant materials and/or workmanship. Document compliance after corrective work is completed prior to starting any subsequent work.

  • Research and apply additional Quality Control and Lean procedures to enhance the quality of project delivery.

  • Oversight of project close-out and quality reports.