Alternatives Asleep Overnight Counselor - DDS Services in massachusetts, United States


The Asleep Overnight Counselor works with the Awake Overnight Counselor to support people with developmental disabilities during the overnight and morning hours. The Asleep Overnight counselor may sleep during the overnight hours, but is available in the event of crisis. During the morning hours, the Asleep and Awake Overnight Counselors work together to give medications, assist with personal hygiene, prepare meals, and provide transportation. This position begins at 11pm and ends at 9am.


  • Provide support and direction for individuals requiring nighttime assistance

  • Implement all procedures that ensure safety of individuals.

  • Implement evacuation procedures during drills and emergencies.

  • Assist individuals with all morning routines and implement all plans.

  • Implement individuals’ medical and medication protocols.

  • Assist people to access and/or provide all needed transportation.

  • Review and complete all required documentation.

  • Communicate pertinent information to stakeholders.

  • Ensure safety and cleanliness of the physical site.

  • Support all program expectations and procedures.

  • Maintain all required certifications

  • Perform other related tasks as assigned.


High School Diploma or equivalent. At least six months paid or volunteer experience in Social Services field preferred.

Job ID2018-2476



Base RateUSD $11.48/Hr.