University of Southern California Safety Specialist II in Los Angeles, California

Safety Specialist IIApplyLab Safety - HSCLos Angeles, California

USC'sEnvironmental Health and Safety (EH&S)is seeking an experiencedRadiation Safety Specialistto join its team. Working under the direction of the Radiation Safety Officer (RSO), this Specialist will oversee radiation safety-related activities involved in the operation of the cyclotron in the Molecular Imaging Center (MIC) in addition to providing broad-based radiation safety expertise to the University’s clients. This position is an exempt-status position.


  • Assists in the development and implementation of safety program(s) that meet University, regulatory and radioactive materials license (RML) requirements. In coordination with others, establishes, documents, and communicates standards, guidelines and procedures, including creating educational and training materials, such as fact sheets, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and manuals as needed.

  • Assesses existing program(s) for adequacy and regulatory compliance and recommends enhancements or modifications, as required. Assists clients in planning and implementing tailored safety programs. Maintains current knowledge of existing safety and health regulations that pertain to the University laboratories and facilities. Prepares reports as requested or required to communicate the information.

  • Conducts routine laboratory safety inspections of facilities to ensure lab occupant attire/activities and lab equipment/infrastructure are in compliance with EH&S standards and regulations. Generates reports that accurately document the results of the inspection. Recommends corrective action(s) as needed. Follows-up until deficiencies are corrected.

  • Provides initial and on-going radiation safety training for users of radioactive materials and/or radiation-producing machines. In coordination with PIs, ensures research lab faculty, staff and students are trained in safety protocols associated with their laboratories. Works with PIs to ensure standard operating procedures are established and communicated. Ensures PIs update EH&S on-line databases, radioisotope use and inventories, etc., in a timely manner per university policies and procedures.

  • Works with the academic department instructional laboratory managers and coordinators as needed to ensure all instructional laboratories are operated in a safe manner.

  • Assists in radiation detection instrument calibrations, including periodic determination of the stack calibration factor for the Rotem Medi-Smarts effluent monitoring system

  • Assists in reviewing, cross checking and analyzing data to generate accurate and meaningful reports for inspection by the RSO, Radiation Safety Committee, and/or the Radioactive Materials License state inspectors

  • Assists in reviewing protocols involving the use of radioactive materials and/or radiation-producing machines

  • Assists in maintaining program-specific statistical records, meeting minutes, and administrative paperwork.

  • Assists with shipping, receipt, storage and control of radioactive materials.

  • Assists with removal of radioactive waste when needed.

  • Responds to emergency calls or incidents and ensures that proper safety methods and procedures are followed. Prepares incident investigation reports as requested or required.

  • Performs other related duties as assigned or requested. The University reserves the right to add or change duties at any time.

Minimum Education:

  • Bachelor's Degree in Heath Physics, or related physical sciences; or

  • Combined experience/education as substitute for minimum education

Minimum Experience:

  • 3 years

  • Has worked in a cyclotron or PET facility for 1 year

  • Science education/directly related experience

Preferred Education:

  • Master's Degree in Health Physics

  • Certified by the American Board of Health Physics

Preferred Experience :

  • Worked in a cyclotron facility or PET facility for 2 years

  • Additional experience in lieu of Master's Degree

REQ20062067 Posted Date: 07/13/2018