Washington County Absentee Ballot Canvasser in Fayetteville, Arkansas

This job was posted by https://www.arjoblink.arkansas.gov : For more information, please see: https://www.arjoblink.arkansas.gov/ada/r/jobs/2308007 Be able to read and write the English languageBe able to deal with voters in a courteous, efficient and fair mannerBe able to follow specified procedures, as set by Arkansas election law and by the polling place supervisorBe able to get along with fellow pollworkersBe willing to attend training when offered by the Election CommissionPoll workers must be residents of Washington County. Polling places are staffed by poll workers who live in precincts served by that polling place, when possible. When no poll workers are available who live in the polling area, poll workers from elsewhere in the county may work at a polling place.Poll workers must be registered voters and over age 18.Poll workers only work on election days, which in some polling places, may be once a year. Some polling places are open for election several times a year for elections.