Neighborhood Healthcare Healthcare Interpreter PT (El Cajon Site) in El Cajon, California

Job Descriptions:

Part Time Only

TH-F 8:00am-5:00pm

Role Overview & Purpose: The Healthcare Interpreter works to support the mission and vision of Neighborhood Healthcare by facilitating communication between limited English speaking patients and clinic staff within a dynamic team environment. To achieve these ends the Healthcare Interpreter provides excellent customer service, supports patients’ translating needs, and manages the flow of communication to ensure comprehension while enhancing rapport between patient and Provider. The Healthcare Interpreter’s job responsibilities and performance expectations generally fall into the following three categories Patient Care Services, Clinic Administration and Cultural Competency.


Patient Care Services:

The Healthcare Interpreter provides accurate translation services, ensuring that patients are informed and well cared for at Neighborhood Healthcare. Example duties include but aren’t limited to:• Facilitates communication between patients and their Providers, nurses, medical assistants, lab technicians and other team members.• Ensure patient comprehends treatment plans as described by the Provider and clarifies any discrepancies.• Learns Provider workflow preferences and proactively reviews patient’s chart in preparation of scheduled appointments.

Clinical Administration

The Healthcare Interpreter provides timely patient communication and clinical documentation. Example duties include, but aren’t limited to:• Conveys information to patients regarding treatment plans, lab results, referrals and other information within electronic health records in accordance with HIPPA standards.• Assists with patient registration process and completion of forms.• Requests translation services, as needed, through insurance companies.• Assists with scheduling/rescheduling appointments.

Cultural Competency

The Healthcare Interpreter demonstrates situational awareness and emotional intelligence in Provider and patient relations. Example duties include, but aren’t limited to:• Recognizes any potential barriers to communication including cultural differences that may impact the success of the patient experience.• Understands the rules of cultural etiquette with respect to status, age, gender , hierarchy and socioeconomic factors.• Is aware of changing tones and emotional content during patient encounters and takes appropriate action to clarify information and minimize misunderstandings.

Required Experience:

Minimum Qualifications

• KNOWLEDGE: General computer skills including electronic communications. Familiar with common medical terms and symptoms.

• SKILLS: Excellent customer service and communication skills. Bilingual English/Arabic reading and writing required. Bilingual Chaldean and/or Kurdish Preferred

• ABILITY TO: Use emotional and cultural intelligence to provide appropriate communication in English and Arabic. Work effectively in a fast paced team environment. Flexible with changing priorities. Build rapport with patients and display empathy.

Education & Experience

• High School Diploma/GED. Healthcare setting experience preferred. Electronic health records experience preferred. Healthcare Interpreter Certification preferred.

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