Stanley Black and Decker Machine Operator/ Composite Straightener Operator in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts

Job Description

General Responsibilities: Perform various required duties to set up and operate a Roll Mill, Bruderer Straightener and accessory equipment to straighten bi-metal coil stock and locate defective welds as well as loading, unloading and operating electric vacuum annealing furnaces following standard practices and procedures.


  • Check coil tags and material before annealing and again before straightening to assure proper information coil identity. Using overhead electric hoist, place racks of coils into floor level annealing furnaces. Input required data into programmed controller. Operation is automatic; furnace cycles and shuts off automatically. Monitor operation by means of temperature recording chart. Unload using overhead hoist and use Between loads, check furnace for broken elements, damaged seals, insulation, etc. Observe color and brightness of annealed stock.
  • Load coils of annealed stock to pay off reel and thread through rolling mill then through various guides, rollers, and wipers of Bruderer Straightener, through ultrasonic and laser inspection stations to take up reel. Select proper carbide spacers, guides and rollers. Make necessary adjustments to obtain required thickness and straightness. Adjust rollers to remove coil set and obtain desired camber. Adjust ultrasonic tester to set weld zone as directed. Cut large coils in half at take up reel.
  • Machine operates automatically and shuts off as defects pick up on sonic tester. View defect under microscope and mark spot with hand or hydraulic punch and grit blast. Cut large defects out with metal cutters if in excess of pre-established limits and form new coil. Cut sample strip of coil stock, use indicators and straight edge to check for straightness, bow, twist, etc. Maintain required production records indicating footage processed, type and number of defects. Enter and accumulate data in computer for production records and statistical quality control.
  • Loosen expandable chuck, tie coil with tie wire, remove from take up reel with electric hoist, place on skid with spacers and deliver skids to storage area. Monitor automatic operation of additional lines of straightening equipment during temporary absence of other operations.
  • Use chopper to dispose of scrap materials. Perform regular scheduled preventative maintenance and maintain log. Change tester transducers as required and calibrate laser gauge as necessary.
  • Detect and report unsafe or defective equipment of materials, unusual situations to supervisor. Maintain area and equipment in a neat and orderly manner.
  • Observe and obey all safety rules, regulations and practices.
  • Perform other similar or related duties as assigned or directed by supervisor.

Climate: Demanding, fast-paced position resulting from deadline pressures, simultaneous competing demands and changing priorities. Working is a team environment. Requirements:

  • Knowledge of charts, specifications, and micrometers
  • 1-2 years experience preferred
  • Use of numbers including decimals
  • Light physical effort required, equivalent to lifting, pushing, pulling 5 to 25 pounds
  • High School Diploma or GED Equivalent

*Hours: * X/O (2) 5a-5p (2) 5p-5a

EEO Statement

All qualified applicants to Stanley Black & Decker are considered for employment without regard to race, color, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, veteran’s status or any other protected characteristic.

Requisition Number: 52523BR

City: East Longmeadow

Business: US - GTS - Hand Tools Accessories and Storage (HTAS)