Southeastern Oklahoma State University Gear Up College Coach in Durant, Oklahoma

This job was posted by : For more information, please see: SUMMARYThe GEAR UP College Coach will work with the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education (OSRHE)- a federally funded initiative aimed at early student awareness and readiness for college assisting the identified GEAR UP 10 Local Education Agencies (LEA's) 7th - 12th grade students in matriculation to Southeastern Oklahoma State University. The GEAR UP program specifically targets first generation college students/parents and minority students/parents. The College Coach will primarily assist and support the specified LEA's students with college preparation and career goals and options. In addition to working with specified high schools and their students, the College Coach will work with parents, high school counselors and administrators to inform them of specific college requirements, financial planning, scholarships, and student support services. They will work with the regional four-year university faculty advisors to identify academic options, choose academic strategies, and help with student enrollment. The College Coach will also act as a resource for academic information, financial aid information and decision-making strategies once the student arrives on the campus. This position will work with students from GEAR UP schools in the areas (specifically Durant High School) of identifying student support services that will aid in the transition to college. The College Liaison will assist the college in tracking and understanding the perspective of a GEAR UP student and will work with specified College Registrars to implement degree completion activities. The GEAR UP College Coach will be expected to work with each entity; GEAR UP schools, colleges, and students/parents in an effective, positive, and professional manner to convey to a diverse constituency the features and benefits of a higher education degree. They will report to Vice President for Student Affairs. The College Coach and the university supervisor will have the OK GEAR UP Grant Administrator as their point of contact with OK GEAR UP. ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIESRepresent GEAR UP at high schools, regional universities events and public functions to encourage enrollment of students at the specified four-year regional university. Work as part of direct student services team in each LEA to develop and carry out a plan for preparing students for success in college. (GEAR UP Education Coordinator, GEAR UP School Specialist, Counselor etc.) Serve as part of the LEA GEAR UP advisory/evaluation team. Assist GEAR UP students with making college/career plans.Actively seek to build relationships with schools, students' parents and communities to promote higher education and build support for student success.Provide continual transitioning and academic support for GEAR UP students during their higher education process. Schedule and pre-plan GEAR UP high school college day visits on campus. Conduct campus tours and conference with GEAR UP students and parents whenever they visit the college campus. Communicate admission policies to GEAR UP students, parents, school administrators, counselors, and teachers.Evaluate high school transcripts to determine eligibility for admission to the specified college.Assist with the GEAR UP students specified college admission, financial aid, student support and academic process.Develop and maintain tracking system for GEAR UP schools' graduating seniors, who are full-time and part-time students.Develop intervention strategies to assist GEAR UP students with college success and completion.Work with instructors to provide and support GEAR UP students. Work with college registrars to identify students at-risk for non-completion of their degree or for students who have completed significant hours with no degree. Work with targeted GEAR UP students on degree c ompletion activities.Other duties as assigned by Vice President for Student Affairs.Work with concurrent students from Durant High School on issues of student success.Utilize the OK GEAR UP TREK system and other online programs, such as Inside Track, to assist in accountability documentation and student services.Attend OK GEAR UP staff meetings in the Oklahoma City office on a bi-monthly basis or as needed for specialized training and development. Assist the four-year university appointed contact as needed in providing an annual budget report of GEAR UP expenses and available funds to the OK GEAR UP Office.Provide calendar documentation of activities to the OK GEAR UP Grant Administrator and keep the administrator informed as to progress of goals and any assistance that might be needed.ADDITIONAL PERFORMANCE RESPONSIBILITIES (FUNCTIONS, DUTIES)1.Attendance and Dependability: The employee can be depended upon to report to the assigned duty station at the scheduled time. Employee can be depended upon to complete work in a timely, accurate, and thorough manner and is conscientious, about assignments.2.Communication and Contact: The employee communicates effectively and professionally both verbally and in writing with superiors, colleagues, and individuals inside and outside of the University.3.Relationships with Others: The employee works effectively and relates well with ot