Precision Castparts Corp. Engineering Co-op - Ceramics Group (Cleveland and Wickliffe) in Wickliffe, Ohio

Engineering Co-Ops - Need three (3) January - June 2018

Must be able to work a six (6) month assignment.

Products and Services

The Ceramics Group manufactures complex ceramic cores used by our foundries to make blades and vanes for jet engines, aerospace, industrial gas turbines and medical applications. We have approximately 300 employees and three (3) plants. The plants are located in Wickliffe-Ohio, Cleveland-Ohio and Sanford-North Carolina. For additional company information please visit our website at

We have proprietary ceramic materials that provide clear advantages through:

  • Extremely low shrinkage for precise replication of part features

  • High degrees of porosity to facilitate core removal and to avoid casting hot tears.

  • Excellent stability of silica and alumina cores at high temperatures insures the integrity of casting wall thickness and internal features.

  • Cores are non-reactive with traditional casting alloys.


The co-op student will be working on job assignments related to their functional engineering discipline. These increasingly challenging assignments will provide foremost an effective learning assignment and then a sound intellectual and/or financial return for the PCC organization.

Requisition ID: 176514.6