Office of the Secretary of Defense Clerk of the Court -- (U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces) in Washington, District Of Columbia

Office of the Secretary of Defense
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  • Washington DC, DC
Work Schedule is Full Time - Permanent

Opened Monday 11/28/2016 (9 day(s) ago)

** Closes Thursday 12/29/2016 (22 day(s) away)

Job Overview

The United States Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces exercises worldwide appellate jurisdiction over members of the armed forces on active duty and other persons subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice. The Court is composed of five civilian judges appointed for 15-year terms by the President with the advice and consent of the Senate.

  • This position (Clerk of the Court) is in the Senior Executive Service (SES), a small elite group of top government leaders. SES members possess a diverse portfolio of experiences including strong skills to lead across organizations.
  • As an executive you will influence the direction of innovation and transformation of the federal government and lead the next generation of public servants.
  • As the Clerk of the Court, incumbent serves as the Court's principal legal advisor on matters of appellate jurisdiction, practice, and procedure; has operational responsibility for case flow operations, exercises primary responsibility for the admission of qualified applicants to practice before the Court's Bar and for disciplinary proceeding against members of the Bar; supervises the Deputy Clerk for Opinions, Court's Librarian, and the Docket Room staff.
  • Incumbent exercises operational responsibility for the case flow management program of the Court through the performance of duties which include the formulating, updating, and continual streamlining of the docketing, screening and calendaring of cases and the monitoring of the implementation of procedures employed by the Court to ensure the effective administration of military justice and compliance with the statutory requirements of the Uniform Code of Military Justice.
  • Incumbent exercises operational responsibility within the Office of the Clerk of Court for personnel management and administration to include projecting future personnel needs as well as defining current personnel shortages; developing policies and guidelines for the hiring of Clerk of Court personnel; and identifying training and educational needs and encouraging the administrative and professional staff to avail themselves of opportunities for professional growth and increased productivity. Incumbent secures and provides information to employees on the availability of job-related education and training courses and programs; develops plans and schedules for implementing a program of continuing legal education for staff attorneys; makes a continuing review and evaluation of personnel utilization and productivity within the Court with a view toward making such staff adjustments as are necessary to fulfill more efficiently the Court's statutory responsibilities within applicable budgeting constraints; and continuously monitors the operations of the court's computerized case management system.

  • Incumbent exercises operational responsibility for advising the Court on matters of appellate jurisdiction, practice, and procedure and is independently responsible for acting on certain matters pending before the Court as provided for in the Court's Rules of Practice and Procedure. Incumbent advises on all questions of appellate practice and procedure encountered by the professional and non-professional members of the Court's staff, continuously monitors the operation of the Court's rules, and is responsible for proposing revisions to such rules when necessary. Incumbent is, ex officio, a permanent active member of the Court's Rules Advisory Committee and serves as its Reporter.

  • Incumbent exercises responsibility, through the Chief Deputy Clerk for initial review and preparation of such memoranda as are necessary to keep the Judges thoroughly and currently informed of the facts and legal concepts necessary to dispose of every petition for grant review, petitions for extraordinary relief, and motions that come before the Court. Incumbent supervises the preparation of final orders, memorandum decisions, and opinions of the Court to dispose such petitions and motions.
  • Incumbent exercises responsibility, through the Deputy Clerk for Opinions, for the format and publication of the Court's decisions and the Daily Journal of the Court's business. The opinions of an appellate court are customarily first published on the Court's website but thereafter are published in an official series of bound volumes. Such publications are the primary means by which the trial and intermediate courts, the Bar, and the general public are kept apprised of current decisional law. Thus, the development of suggested standards of format and citation style, together with the review of opinion manuscripts and the supervision of the timeliness and manner in which the Court's opinions are published, is of utmost importance in the effective administration of military justice. Formulating policies to govern the publication of opinions and ensuring their orderly and uniform administration are significant responsibilities of the incumbent.
  • Incumbent exercises responsibility, through the Librarian, for assuring that each Judge is provided a basic collection of up-to-date legal books for immediate reference in the Judge's chambers, together with a working collection of all essential and frequently used legal reference books, supplemental to the Judges' individual collections, situated in the Court's library. Incumbent is also responsible for assuring that the library is professionally staffed and maintained with adequate personnel, photocopying services, and procedures for rapid inter-library loans. Incumbent exercises responsibility not only for maintaining, but also for upgrading the quality and organization of library services available to the Court and its staff.
Travel Required
  • Occasional Travel
  • Occasional travel will be required for TDY purposes. Incumbent is responsible for organizing and managing the court's two Project Outreach trips annually.
Relocation Authorized
  • Yes
  • Permanent Change of Station (PCS) entitlements may be authorized.
Job Requirements
Key Requirements
  • You must be a U.S. citizen to apply for this position.
  • You must be able to obtain/maintain a Top Secret.CI security clearance.
  • Please read the vacancy announcement in its entirety before applying.
  • You must apply by mail.
  • On-line application will not be considered or accepted.
  • Resume only submission (NTE 5-pages).

To meet the minimum qualification requirements for this position, you must show that you possess the five Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs), the Technical Qualifications, and other qualifications, if applicable, listed below.

You must identify your executive leadership experience by addressing the ECQs and MTQ within your five page resume (Your resume must also emphasize your level of responsibilities, the scope and complexity of programs managed, accomplishments, and the results of your action). Please do not submit separate statements addressing the ECQs or MTQs. Written statements addressing ECQs or MTQs will not be considered.


ECQ 1 - Leading Change: This core qualification involves the ability to bring about strategic change, both within and outside the organization, to meet organizational goals. Inherent to this ECQ is the ability to establish an organizational vision and to implement it in a continuously changing environment.

ECQ 2 - Leading People: This core qualification involves the ability to lead people toward meeting the organization's vision, mission, and goals. Inherent to this ECQ is the ability to provide an inclusive workplace that fosters the development of others, facilitates cooperation and teamwork, and supports constructive resolution of conflicts.

ECQ 3 - Results Driven: This core qualification involves the ability to meet organizational goals and customer expectations. Inherent to this ECQ is the ability to make decisions that produce high-quality results by applying technical knowledge, analyzing problems, and calculating risks.

ECQ 4 - Business Acumen: This core qualification involves the ability to manage human, financial, and information resources strategically.

ECQ 5 - Building Coalitions: This core qualification involves the ability to build coalitions internally and with other Federal agencies, State and local governments, nonprofit and private sector organizations, foreign governments, or international organizations to achieve common goals.

Additional information on the Executive Core Qualifications is available at


  1. Effective performance of the duties requires the services of a lawyer of proven competence who has had specialized training and experience, either formal or on-the-job, in appellate court administration and management, or the equivalent thereof.

  2. Incumbent must possesses the highest caliber of professional competence as a lawyer with special emphasis on procedural law; be able to interpret and implement rules, regulations, and procedures pertaining to all aspects of the Court's operations.

  3. Incumbent must be able to analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of the Court's operations and to initiate improvements in keeping with the overall objectives and goals of the Chief Judge and the Court; work productively and constructively in furtherance of the efficiency of the Court and the military justice system as a whole; and be an able spokesman for and representative of the Court in all external relationships. organization, and the ability to administer a Federal Department or private sector agency ethics program.


For the 905 series, an education requirement is required.

You must be a graduate of a law school accredited by the American Bar Association.

You must be a member of the bar of highest court of a state, U.S. Territory, U.S. commonwealth or possession, and be a member in good standing of the bar of such court.

•All newly appointed career SES leaders must sign the Reassignment Rights Obligations Agreement as a condition of appointment into the SES. •In order to qualify for this position, you must be able to obtain/maintain a Top Secret SCI security clearance. •Complete applications must be postmarked and received by 11:59PM Eastern Standard Time on Thursday, December 29, 2016. •Provide all other required documents by the closing date of the announcement.

Security Clearance

Top Secret/SCI

Additional Information
What To Expect Next

After all application packages have been received, we will review your application to ensure you meet the basic qualification requirements. We will evaluate each applicant who meets the basic qualifications based on the information provided and may interview the best-qualified applicants. After making a tentative job offer, we will conduct a suitability and/or security background investigation. You should expect to hear back from the organization after 90 days of the closing date.


There are a variety of benefits available to Federal Government employees. You will find specific information pertaining to those benefits at

Other Information
  • The individual selected will be required to file an Financial Disclosure Report (AO 10) with the Committee on Financial disclosure, Administrative Office of the United States Courts, in accordance with the Ethics in Government Act of 1978.
  • Applications MAY NOT be submitted through USA Jobs automated system.
  • You will serve a two-year probationary period unless you previously completed the probationary period in the SES.
  • Veterans' preference does not apply to the Senior Executive Service.

Salary Range: $123,175.00 to $185,000.00 / Per Year

Series & Grade: ES-0905-00/00

Supervisory Status: Yes

Who May Apply: All groups of qualified individuals. This is a Tier 3 position. Salaries for Tier 3 positions generally range from $123,175 to $185,100 per annum.

Control Number: 457121600

Job Announcement Number: SES-1855311-KGR