General Motors Company Production Digital Sculptor in Warren, Michigan

h3Production Digital Sculptor, Warren, MI, General Motors. Deliver production qlty vehicle interior exterior Class A surfaces according to Global Design Global Vehicle Dvlpmt Plan specs for major current next generation intnl high volume production /or concept show car programs using Alias AutoStudio. Interpret desg sketches, drawings, clay models to dvlp, desg, build shaded photorealistic digital sculptures/models of car, SUV, truck, sports car interior systems, trim, garnish components. Achieve DFM, safety, cost, VR Room, ease of assy reqmts based on engrg data using Alias CAD soft. Deliver production qlty Class A surfaces for vehicle interior systems such as A/B/C/D pillar trim, headliners, overhead consoles, header/quarter panel/door trim. Ensure vehicle surfaces with perfect highlights, precise surface smoothing, accurate representation of appearance, color, materials. Ensure all Class-A surfaces CAD designs meet crash safety reqmts, such as head impact criteria 201U testing data in compliance with FMVSS minimum radii reqmts. Ensure all Class-A surfaces CAD designs meet assy criteria, such as tolerance stack ups, assy sequence, part split lines. Bachelor Industrial or Transportation Design. 12 mos exp as Lead Digital Sculptor in job offered or related. Mail resume to Alicia Scott-Wears, GM Global Mobility, 300 Renaissance Center, Mail Code 482-C32-D44, Detroit, MI 48265, Ref#910./h3