General Motors Automated Driving Advanced Development - Advanced Technology Specialist - ENG0031926 in Warren, Michigan

Lead advanced development of new camera concepts to achieve viability for production in support of new Automated Driving features. Responsibilities include developing new concepts/technologies, specifying and balancing requirements, definition, execution and evaluation of designs, analysis, development, testing and control of major engineering projects where a substantial amount of creativity and initiative are involved as well as a high level of independent judgment. Exercises technical direction over other engineers or engineering support personnel and may have work direction responsibilities over a group with specific engineering objectives. Broad scope of responsibilities includes components, systems and architectures. Capable of managing very broad or numerous projects with high degree of difficulty. Exercises independent judgment, with minimal input from supervisor.

Tasks/Deliverables Include:

  • Projection of the “wants” and “needs” in order to drive innovation internally and externally.
  • Evaluation of new technology that currently does not exist within our Bill of Material (BOM) rows or the industry and determine out it could enable new features and capabilities.
  • Prototype/sensing testing of prototypes to understand design limits for the feature developers, viability of the technology.
  • Support or lead the initial Preliminary Hazard Analysis and initial Design Failure Mode Engineering Analysis of the prototype design at a Sub System/Component level.
  • Initial Component Technical Specifications, Board Support Package Specifications or enhancements. Includes functional/performance requirements, packaging sensitivity points.
  • Identify core technology strategy, initial design such as microprocessor, antenna, and serializer/communications along with the board-level architecture (high-level).
  • Identify and develop solutions for thermal mitigation strategies and any robustness requirements for the project.
  • Work with Adv. Design Studio on packaging concepts if Class A surface changes are required.
  • If software is developed with the supplier, need to champion how the software prototype will transition to production (i.e. supplier ownership, in-house development, design reference for requirements)
  • Create Statement of Development Work (SODW) requirements in support of prototype part/engineering services procurement process and negotiation with Purchasing.
  • Continually evaluate Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 Supplier Technology Progression, Startup Companies, and identify potential Ventures opportunities.
  • Understand current applications and current technical limitations/gaps to improve products for future sourcing events.
  • Support Supplier Development and Qualification
  • Conduct True Cost, Technology, and Performance Benchmarking

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  • Strong technical and professional skills in embedded control module/sensor design and development.
  • Strong technical knowledge and application experience with camera imagers, image signal processing (ISP), and lens along with the system integration in automotive applications. Experience in other industries such as aerospace, military, etc. can also apply.
  • Strong experience managing suppliers technical deliverables for hardware, software and systems integration
  • Exhibits appropriate interpersonal styles and communication methods to work effectively with business partners to meet mutual goals.
  • Strong knowledge of Active Safety/Autonomous systems and components (radars, cameras, lidars, ECU’s) (Preferred)
  • Strong knowledge of sensing perception software/sensor fusion concepts, especially neural network design. (Preferred)
  • Strong knowledge of a variety of camera systems/types such as mono-cameras, stereo cameras, far infrared cameras, near infrared cameras, and spectral cameras.
  • Strong, high-level of oral and written communication skills
  • Strong understanding of engineering theory and principles of operation of mechanical/electrical mechanisms.
  • Demonstrated technical and professional skills in supplier management.
  • High-level analytical ability where problems are unusual and complex.
  • High-level of interpersonal skills to work independently and effectively with others
  • At least 5 years of experience in Imaging/Camera design and application. Product execution experience highly desired.

Education and Training

  • Bachelor of Science – Mechanical, Electrical, Computer, or Electronics Engineering (required)
  • Master of Science – Engineering (preferred)
  • PhD in Engineering/Camera Design/Image Processing (preferred)
  • DFSS – Black Belt (required or expected to be completed shortly after hiring)