Summary of Position Acts as the primary contact for new or existing business customers. Markets workforce services to local businesses and employers. Responsible for conducting employer outreach and able to organize and coordinate various services to businesses. Works with local businesses in the area to identify subsidized and unsubsidized employment opportunities for workforce customers and specialized program participants. Works with business customers to ensure correct information is entered in WorkInTexas.com. To perform this job successfully, the Business Services Representative must be able to perform each duty, outlined below, satisfactorily. Essential Job Requirements Solicit job postings for WorkInTexas.com from businesses/employers that will meet the needs of workforce job seekers. Gather information proving the effectiveness of WorkInTexas.com job postings for the business customer; follow-up to determine if the posting was filled by a referral. Contact local business employers to follow-up on job postings that do not show hires to ensure job posting fill rate. Assist business employers in identifying updates needed to job postings to ensure appropriate job seekers match or are referred to the posting. Contacts local businesses that have multiple openings to obtain hire information to ensure employer success rate; update job postings if required (Performance Expectation: 90-95% of assigned postings are properly entered into WIT within 24 hours and initial follow-up with employers are within 3-5 business days; Document all contacts with the employer on job posting note pad or employer management notes, as required. Verify the employers Tax Number in WorkInTexas.com is correct and the same one being used when filing payroll quarterly reports. Maintain outreach to employers that currently use or have used workforce service in the past to continue offering Center Services and to solicit job postings. Identifies and contacts employers that have not had a prior WorkInTexas.com account, to offer Center Services and to solicit job postings. Provide qualifying EWA services to employers that will positively affect the EWA performance measure target. Qualifying EWA services include one of the following services in the performance period (as documented in WIT): taking job postings, providing specialized testing for job seekers on behalf of an employer, performing employer site recruitment, job fairs or hiring events, providing employer meeting or interview space, providing customized or incumbent worker training, entering into a subsidized/unpaid employer agreement, providing rapid response, job development (if recorded in WorkInTexas.com with a valid UI Tax ID); Schedule and assist with hiring activities in the Center, such as employer hiring Help employers with recruitment services, on site at employer s business site or selected location. Provide training while demonstrating of WorkInTexas.com employer accounts and uses to businesses, including registering and entering job postings.  Solicit and/or identify customized training opportunities for businesses and employment opportunities for job seeker customers including On-The-Job Training, Subsidized Worksite Agreements and Unsubsidized Employment or Worksite Agreements as well as available Skills Development Funds. Attend local and out-of-town workshops, seminars and training to maintain current knowledge of workforce programs. Partner with other staff regarding job development efforts on behalf of job seeker customers. Gather feedback from employers, job seeker customers and staff as to the success of subsidized/unsubsidized placements or job developments. Enter data into WorkInTexas.com to accurately reflect activities within the required time frame. Mar