Bergen Regional Medical Center STATIONARY ENGINEER in United States


Operates and maintains steam boilers, stationary engines and mechanical equipment, such as steam engines, compressors, generators, turbines and steam boilers to provide for utilities such as light, heat, and power for refrigeration, air conditioning ,and other services for the hospital.

Operates boilers and related equioment to meet need for steam. Adjusts fuel feed and volume of air in furnaces.

Checks boiler safety shut down equipment; notifies supervisor immediately of any problems or malfunctions and repairs if possible.

Tests boiler water condition; adds chemical treatment to maintain proper limits and prevent build-up of deposits.

Checks chemical supplies and materials needed in boiler room and submits requisition to the plant superintendent on a monthly basis.

Disassembles and cleans boilers on an annual basis.

Starts, stops, adjusts, and regulates mechanical equipment such as engines, compressors, generators, turbines pumps and steam boilers during the respective shift.

Checks water levels in boilers and oil levels in fuel tanks.

Observes meters, recorders, pressure and draft gauges and manipulates valves to bring readings within specified requirements.

Periodically checks all mechanical rooms during the shift, recording readings in logbooks/forms as required by departmental policies and procedures.

Inspects equipment while in operation and makes minor repairs when necessary.

Provides repair service.

Computes air combustion efficiency.

Maintains, performs, repairs and makes adjustments to central chiller plant and equipment.


High School graduation or equivalent required.

Current New Jersey Pressure Steam license; refrigeration machine operator license preferred.

Minimum of 5 years experience as a licensed stationary and refrigeration engineer.

Requisition Number: 16-0920

Post Date: 11/21/2016


Division: General Services

Employee Type: Flexible

Work Hours: 0.125