HCI | integrated solutions Storage Engineer-290738 in Moldova

Job Summary:

HCI | integrated solutions is currently looking for a Storage Engineer.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Oversee business/user requirements efforts as a part of a full systems development lifecycle and provide critical technical recommendations/solutions for complex problems.

  • Analyze functional complex software to satisfy design objectives.

  • Analyze functional business applications and design specifications for functional activities.

  • Provide technical analysis and recommendations for new tape technology and capacity requirements.

  • Develop block diagrams and logic flowcharts.

  • Provide technical documentation support.

  • Provide analysis of and technical recommendations for production tape storage availability.

  • Provide analysis of and recommendations for mainframe tape utilization performance issues.

  • Participation in SSA Disaster Recovery testing and shutdown activities where requested

  • Support problem and change tickets for SSA mainframe storage systems Leads the formulation, review, and recommendation of solutions to customer problems based on prior experience and hands-on understanding of how products and services interrelate and support the customer mission.

Preferred Knowledge/Skills/Abilities:

  1. Experience with IBM z/196 or later mainframe computer hardware, IBM z/OS 1.13 or later software, and EMC VMAX mainframe storage or equivalent.

  2. Ability to design, implement, configure, deploy, operate and support EMC VMAX mainframe storage hardware (or equivalent) of 500 terabytes or more capacity.

  3. Experience using Mainframe Enabler, TimeFinder, SRDF, and z/OS storage tools to configure and manage replicated, thin provisioned EMC mainframe storage.

  4. Ability to develop EMC VMAX mainframe storage hardware, software, power, environmental, and cabling configurations to obtain the optimum configuration for a given workload.

  5. Experience designing, implementing, configuring, operating, and supporting EMC mainframe local and remote data replication using TimeFinder and SRDF/A.

  6. Skill in integrating new mainframe storage and recovery technologies into an existing storage infrastructure.

  7. Ability to evaluate mainframe storage hardware and software to enhance the operational efficiency of production applications.

  8. Skill in the development and execution of mainframe Disaster Recovery and Continuance of Operations strategies utilizing data replication technologies and point-in-time tape copies.

  9. Ability to detect, analyze, and resolve storage hardware/software configuration or performance problems.

  10. Skill in tuning mainframe storage management infrastructure systems.

  11. Skill in the deployment, configuring, and use of automated monitoring tools to detect faults and interpret performance for mainframe storage systems.

  12. Ability to plan, implement, monitor, and enforce data security for mainframe storage and recovery systems.

  13. Ability to recommend upgrades or improvements to virtual provisioned, auto-tiered EMC VMAX mainframe storage systems and technologies to meet projected capacity requirements.

  14. Skill in project management techniques necessary to plan and execute upgrades to mainframe data storage and backup/recovery systems.

  15. Ability to lead technical evaluation meetings with data storage hardware/software vendors and technicians.

  16. Ability to communicate technical storage knowledge and inputs to a variety of audiences.

  17. Ability to communicate both orally and in writing.

  18. Ability to collaborate with other organizations to improve the mainframe storage infrastructure.

Additional Position Information:

Bachelor's degree and 14 years experience.

Location: Baltimore MD

Status: Full Time

Date Posted: 10/15/2015