Medtronic CA_Market Access Manager in Urumchi, China

CA_Market Access Manager


Urumchi, Xinjiang, China

Requisition #:


Post Date:

Nov 29, 2016

Primary Purposes of Position:

-Responsible for collectingandanalyzingmarket access relatedpolicyoncentral-level.

-To meet the demand of company’s strategic developmentin market access,assistingcentral-level projects,onpricing,reimbursementas well as therapy related issues.

-Build up andmaintainan effective communication platform with central governmentagencies.

Main Duties to be performed:

-Assistcompanystrategyin MAbyproviding near and mid-term policy trend impactingcompany productsin the fields ofprice, reimbursement andtherapy related matters.

-Provide a timely analysison other criticalindustrypolicy.

-Implement projects with governments.

-Collect and share information in order to support regional government affairs.

Specifics of Position:

-Monitor policy trend and provide useful insights to the management

-Regularcommunication with government stakeholders

-Maintain close contact withMOHRSS, NDRC,CCHFP,CFDA, MIT


Bachelor degree or above in medicine and pharmacologyormarketing / public affairs


Fluent inEnglish

Experience (Proficiency):

At least five years’ experience of government affair inhealthcare industry