The Law Society of Upper Canada Assistant Manager, Membership Services, Client Service Centre, Corporate Services in Toronto, Ontario


The Assistant Manager, Membership Services manages, coordinates and supervises a support team within the Membership Services Department. As a member of the management team, assists with the overall administration of the department's operations and projects and is responsible for the delivery of services to clients, providing responses to both routine and more complex inquiries within Membership Services in a timely and efficient manner. Oversees the delegation of work and monitors the workflow of daily mail, faxes, emails, phone calls and LSUC Portal Change of Information submissions and supervises the work and performance of direct reports. Responsibilities also include call monitoring and statistical reporting, administrative suspension processing and supervision of department training.


  • An LLB or JD, plus a Class L1 licence with the Law Society of Upper Canada*.

  • A minimum of 7 to 10 years of legal or regulatory experience, including practical legal experience and a level of knowledge of legal practice. Up to 5 years of experience should be in a leadership role, providing guidance and mentorship and contributing to human resources decisions regarding professional and support staff. Customer service experience is preferred.

  • Knowledge of the Law Society, including organizational structure, services, mandate, rules, regulations, By-Laws and its complaints process.

  • Solid legal knowledge with respect to civil litigation, business associations, family, criminal, real estate, estates, corporate or other areas of practice.

  • Knowledge of current trends and developments in the legal profession and their practical application.

  • Solid understanding of best practices with respect to employee relations, client service management processes, process design and financial/accounting resources.

  • Current awareness and training in alternative dispute resolution.

  • Proficiency in word processing and data base applications, e mail, and the internet/intranets.

  • Superior analytical skills to interpret and reason through complex information.

  • Expressive and persuasive in both spoken and written language for individual and / or group situations.

    *By submitting your application for employment, you agree to a clearance check of your regulatory history with the Law Society, and to the use of this information in assessing suitability for employment at the Law Society.

Client / Customer Service Delivery

  • Works closely with the Manager to ensure the orderly provision of client service delivery in the areas of Membership Services to other departments and to the public.

  • Oversees screening of all mail and inquiries to determine appropriate action required to satisfy requests within guidelines, which may range from membership status changes, reinstatements, fee inquiries, photo ID cards and general information on services offered by the Law Society.

  • Ensures urgent matters are delegated promptly and tracked for timely completion.

  • Collaborates with other departments in securing additional information or for transferring requests.

  • Responds to client walk in or written inquiries and processes-related requests.

Client / Customer Service Planning

  • In conjunction with the Manager, Membership Services, establishes policies and procedures, and monitors the performance of staff and systems related to the areas of responsibility of the department, and ensures that results are timely and consistent with established service standards and benchmarks.

  • Enters and updates information in the database related to Licensees, which aid in the Law Society’s mandate of protecting the public.

  • Responds primarily in writing to escalated issues, striving for mutually agreeable outcomes for the Law Society and the client.

  • Oversees the department’s administrative functions including the preparation and submission of the Court notification report, and report to the Law Foundation.

  • Helps in the preparation of administrative suspension documentation and oversees phone call processes for lawyer and paralegal fee and CPD suspensions.

People Leadership

  • Hires, trains, develops and evaluates employees accountable to the Assistant Manager, Membership Services in accordance with the policies of the organization and best human resources practices.

  • Identifies technical and training needs of administrative support in order to achieve departmental and divisional goals.

  • Coordinates the recruitment of temporary staff, recognizing the need for additional staff, and collaborating with Human Resources in liaising with employment agencies.

  • Delegates work assignments to assigned support staff, matching skills and competencies to the requirements of the particular assignment.

  • Undertakes skill and competency assessments of assigned staff and develops a training plan to close any identified gaps.

  • Fosters a positive team environment by demonstrating leadership behavior and building team capacity.

  • Makes decisions regarding administrative staff development, performance, compensation and discipline, and contributes to work assignment, performance management and training and development decisions for Team Leaders and other staff reporting to the Manager, Membership Services.

Financial Responsibility

  • Assists the Manager in developing and monitoring the Membership Services budget related to common expense items, as well as identified specific programs.

  • Assembles data and prepares periodic and special reports.

  • Requisitions supplies and materials, and ensures the smooth operation of computer systems, equipment and machinery, arranging for maintenance and repair work as required.

Performance Goals, Targets and Standards

  • Meets established individual service level targets, including quality and time standards, and ensures that staff reporting to the Assistant Manager understand and comply with quality and time standards.

  • Engages in continuous performance improvement of work processes within the Client Service Centre to optimize both individual and team performance.

  • Oversees the proper logging, tracking, and filing of transactions and correspondences.

  • Prepares statistics and reports on workload, disposition of workflow and MSR service delivery and productivity by performing quality control checks and telephone call monitoring & feedback sessions.

  • Maintains vacation, telecommuting & attendance schedules, spreadsheets & reports.

  • Establishes, monitors and continuously improve work processes for both team and individual performance targets.

Policy Development

  • In conjunction with the Manager, assesses policies and procedures relating to administration of compliance based activities as well as a resolution of policy issues and procedural gaps.

  • Participates in the development of departmental or divisional policies and procedures.

Team Membership

  • The Assistant Manager provides leadership to all Membership Services staff through guidance, training, and problem solving in order to provide accurate and timely information to clients accessing the Client Service Centre.

  • Works closely with Resource Process experts and Membership Services Manager, providing the necessary information and assistance to ensure that inquiries and requests are responded to in an accurate, efficient and timely manner.

  • Oversees and coordinates work involved during annual peak periods, such as mass billing preparations, suspensions and new member licensing uploads/entries, and oversees/co-ordinates training and assists with knowledge transfer, training and development of department staff.

Service Orientation

  • The requirement to maintain a high standard of commitment, ethics, respect, care in service delivery to clients (internal and/or external).

Communication and Interpersonal Skills

  • The requirement to structure and deliver effective verbal and written communication with clients, staff, licensees, the public, and others in a non-threatening and constructive way.

Team Orientation

  • The requirement to share responsibility for the achievement of team goals and the associated behaviours required for individuals to contribute effectively in a team environment.

Continuous Improvement

  • The requirement to demonstrate an attitude that consistently strives to improve a standard of excellence for one’s self and for the benefit of the organization, its licensees and stakeholders.

Problem Solving and Judgement

  • The requirement to identify and analyze problems, determine root causes, evaluate alternative solutions and take and/or recommend appropriate solutions.

Technical Competence / Professional Knowledge

  • The requirement to apply knowledge and skills to carry out the work and/or provide advice. This also includes the quality of advice given, as well as the requirement to make decisions in the best interests of the organization as a whole.

Embracing Change

  • The requirement to work towards and embrace change in the workplace.

People Leadership

  • The requirement to behave with integrity, credibility and honesty when dealing with others, as well as the requirement to grow and develop employee capabilities.

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