Zenith Education Group Mathematics Faculty in Thornton, Colorado

Choosing a career with ECMC Group means joining a nonprofit corporation with amission to help students succeed. With a vibrant mission and values, greatbenefits, and strong community involvement, ECMC Group companies are anideal team to join.Job Summary:All faculty members uphold the Zenith commitment to operating with integrityand complying with laws, regulations, accreditation standards,polices, and our company values as they seek to help students succeed intheir pursuit of an educational experience that prepares them for theworkforceAll faculty members assist students in meeting their academic and career goalsby providing an engaging teaching and learning environment utilizing soundpedagogical teaching strategies based on approved syllabi. Faculty provideappropriate and effective instruction, stay current in the scholarship andpractice of their discipline and teaching methodology, support academicquality standards, and demonstrate a commitment to student retention andsuccess. Faculty are responsible for helping to create and maintain astudent-centered learning environment based on a culture of student learningassessment at the course, program, and institutional level.The primary focus for a Faculty Level 1 is time spent in the classroom,developing and demonstrating teaching pedagogy and practical experience.Faculty member demonstrates ownership of provided course content and aptitudein course organization, utilizes sound teaching strategies that inform andcreate interest, is adept in course preparation and records management,teaches in a manner that is appropriate to all levels of students, andcelebrates positives and communicates with candor and specificity around areasfor improvement. Faculty member is adept at providing a positive,student-focused culture of excellence. Faculty Level 1 also demonstratesfunctional expertise in retention strategy solutions and social mediaexcellence in all modalities, as appropriate. Faculty Level 1 are engagedin the life of the college in meetings and events such as new studentorientations, graduation, advisory meetings, etc. Faculty Level 1 alsopossesses minimum level of practical experience and certifications in theirteaching discipline. Faculty Level 1 members accomplish no fewer than 6CEUs/hours of in-service professional development and a minimum of 3CEUs/hours or more of discipline specific professional development asrequired to meet programmatic, certification, state accreditation and/orDepartment of Education requirements.All faculty members, including full-time, part-time, andadjunct/temporary, are governed by the Faculty Load and HR policies.ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Instruct assigned courses inaccordance with course competencies/objectives.Inform students about courserequirements, evaluation procedures, and attendance policies.Academicallycoach, guide, mentor, monitor progress, and empower students toachieve optimum success.Provide students with academic support and advice,give referrals for additional assistance as required, tutor if necessary,and provide other assistance as needed and use technology for academic alertsand interventions.Teach classes based on assigned schedule and modalityaccording to Zenith faculty expectations and complete all related teachingadministrative responsibilities such as attendance taking, final gradesubmission, etc.Support student retention and success with fullparticipation in all Zenith retention initiatives, fully utilizing allprovided systems tools.Demonstrate functional expertise in retention strategysolutions and social media excellence in all modalities, asappropriate.Manage classroom teaching conditions and environment throughactive instructor presence in order to promote a positive classroomenvironment. Conduct program / course curriculum assessment and evaluationduties as assigned.Demonstrate evidence of professional growth and academiccurrency.Keep annual professional development plan updated per accreditationrequire