HCA, Hospital Corporation of America Nurse Tech PRN in Texas City, Texas

This Job Description for the Patient Care Tech (Nurse Tech) on the Nursing Unit provides criteria for evaluation of this position. The Patient Care Tech (Nurse Tech) assigned to any Nursing Unit cares for patients as listed: adolescent, adult and geriatric, as appropriate.

E1. Safely and properly delivers age and specialty-appropriate nursing care to assigned patients.

E2. Assists patients with activities of daily living.

E3. Provides basic nursing care of patients. Encourages patient/family participation in care and provides emotional support and comfort measures to them.

E4. Demonstrates knowledge of legal consequences of nursing activities. Respects and supports patient rights while practicing principles of patient and employee confidentiality. Recognizes ethical dilemmas, utilizes available resources, and seeks assistance in dealing with them.

E5. Practices and promotes proper aseptic technique, infection control measures, and body mechanics.

E6. Assists in maintenance of a safe and clean environment under the direction and supervision of a licensed nurse.

E7. Competently and consistently completes accurate, concise, and legible documentation on all patient, unit, and hospital records.

E8. Supports/participates in unit-based continuous quality improvement activities.

E9. Functions as an inter-dependent and supportive team member.

E10. Maintains clear and respectful communications with patients, family, physicians, and other healthcare providers.

E11. Assists in maintaining a positive learning environment.

E12. Exchanges constructive feedback with peers.

E13. Assumes responsibility for remaining current on job-related knowledge and skills and ongoing education/in-service/credentialing/certification/licensure requirements.

E14. Performs bedside glucose, obtains vital signs and all intake and output excluding IVs and tube feedings. Collects urine specimens. Performs unit-specific tasks as outlined on the competency skills checklist.

E15. Measures head circumference on all pediatric patients 18 months and younger and obtains weight measurements on all pediatric patients.

E16. Assists with the admission, transfer and discharge of patients.

E17. Adheres to and complies with HCA Code of Conduct as part of Ethics and Compliance program. Attends annual training sessions.

E18. Must complete one hour per month of Continuing Education Module available on Healthstream.

Communicates with nurses and other clinical disciplines regarding each patient's nursing care needs.

Experience: Must have two (2) years experience in healthcare environment. Education: Experience as a Nursing Assistant. Certified with the Texas Certified Nursing Board or completed one clinical semester in an accredited School of Nursing. GN that has not passed boards. Educational requirements appropriate for meeting age-specific needs of patients assigned to the Nursing Unit: a. Nutrition, i.e., alteration in nutrition, less than body requirements b. Hazards of immobility, i.e., impaired physical mobility c. Impaired verbal communication or special communication needs d. Grieving process e. Alteration in elimination f. Self-care deficit g. Sleep pattern of disturbance h. Impairment of skin integrity i. Activity intolerance j. Pain management Special Qualifications: 1. Current CPR certification 2. Computer skills 3. Organizational skills 4. Reports and seeks assistance in dealing with patient/family/physician complaints and concerns 5. Establishes and maintains a positive rapport with patient/family 6. Learns and performs customer service scripts, as instructed, with patients, families, co-workers, and physicians 7. Non-violent crisis intervention (Gero Psych & ED) 8. Scores 80% or better on FIMS test within 30 days of hire (Rehab only)

Title: Nurse Tech PRN

Location: Texas-Texas City-Mainland Medical Center - Texas City

Requisition ID: 06218-70829