Hilton Account Manager, Hilton Worldwide Sales - Beijing in Shanghai, China

The Account Manager will proactively manage and grow Share of Wallet accounts for Hilton Worldwide. The role will look after these accounts on a local, national, international and global basis, where relevant and be accountable for the performance of their account portfolio. They will be required to manage one key or multiple segments, either corporate, MICE, leisure, and/or Chinese Local Accounts etc. They will create and communicate the account strategies in order to drive increased market share and demonstrate value to both internal and external customers.


What will I be doing?

The Account Manager will work in the Hilton Worldwide Sales team with other account managers / directors, and will be responsible for driving both group business and transient business into Hilton’s portfolio of hotels on a national and global basis. The Account Manager will be responsible for a set number of accounts to penetrate across all segments of the business. The activities will include managing transient RFP's, driving Group business conversions, organising familiarisation trips and presenting to customers on new hotel openings. They will also be responsible for identifying new accounts outside of their account base, negotiating CMTG agreements to drive share and attending relevant tradeshows representing Hilton Worldwide.


Planning Activities 15%


  • Develops strategy and direction for the account base inline with the companies revenue strategies.制定客户群战略和方向,与公司的收入战略保持一致。
  • Total account management focus, quickly identifying which segments of the business have the most opportunity to drive share.着眼于全面客户管理,能迅速确定哪些业务部门最有机会推动市场份额提升。
  • Identifies and evaluates new business opportunities within their current account base.确定并评估其现有客户群中的新业务机会。
  • Executes strategic account development plans and supports communications of key messages internally & externally.执行战略性客户发展计划,为内外主要信息的交流提供便利。
  • Manages customer RFP’s increasing the number of solicited and accepted hotels to drive market share.管理客户RFP询价,增加初选酒店和中选酒店的数量,推动市场份额提升。
  • Establishes procedures and processes in relation to managing the account portfolio to drive market share.制定客户组合管理程序和流程,提高市场占用率。
  • Accountable for the delivery of the strategy and activities of their account base.负责实施客户群战略并开展相关工作。
  • Develops strong relationships with key hotels that receive business from the account portfolio understanding the hotels individually strategy.与主要酒店建立牢固的关系,通过了解酒店独特战略的客户组合获取业务。

Organizing Activities 70%


  • Implements plans to ensure overall strategic direction of the account base and supports the company’s revenue strategies.实施计划,确保客户群的总体战略方向,为公司的收入战略提供支持。
  • Manages the RFP process ensuring the correct procedures are in place to support the client and drive business into Hilton.管理RFP询价流程,确保落实正确的程序,提升希尔顿的客户量和业务量。
  • Directs assignment of tasks ensuring optimum allocation of resources, utilising the Venue Finder and HWS Co-ordinator.在场馆搜寻助理和希尔顿全球销售部销售助理的协助下,指导工作分配,确保资源得到最佳配置。
  • Holds quarterly review meetings with key accounts to review business performance vs targets, identify opportunities and address related business issues.举行大客户季度评审会,审查业务绩效与目标,挖掘机会,解决相关业务问题。
  • Develop and drive sales initiatives to ensure account targets are achieved制定和推动销售计划,确保实现客户目标
  • Ensures relevant updates are sent both to internal and external stakeholders.确保相关更新发送给集团内部和外部的利益相关者。
  • Monitors and reviews the impact of marketing initiatives on the account strategy.监督和评估营销举措对客户战略的影响。
  • Establishes and develops long term effective working relationships with key customers to drive business.与大客户建立长期有效的工作关系,推动业务发展。
  • Networking with sub account handlers and global leads where relevant.建立子客户负责人和全球潜在客户构成的网络(如果相关)。
  • Strengthening relationships with key hotels and aligning strategies where relevant.加强与主要酒店的关系,支持相关战略实施。
  • Maximizing all opportunities by developing relationships with third parties (MICE agents & TMC’s).通过发展与第三方(MICE代理和差旅管理公司)的关系,使所有机会得到最充分的利用。
  • To build, implement and communicate the account strategies, delivering the expected targets.建立、实施和沟通客户战略,实现预期目标。
  • To develop Account Plans that specify objectives time-scales and sales activities to support the defined account strategy and ensure maximum opportunity for account penetration.制定客户计划,具体规定目标时间跨度和销售活动,支持明确的客户战略,确保最大限度地提高客户渗透机会。
  • Accurately identifies the level of influence and decision making power of contacts in the customer organisation and uses these to secure business.准确地确定客户组织中联系人的影响力和决策力,并利用了解到的情况来确保业务。
  • Attendance at Industry Conferences and events.参加各种行业会议和活动。
  • Accountable for communicating the strategy, ADP, and activities on a quarterly basis, along with relevant issues, opportunities and successes.负责每季度就战略、客户发展计划和活动以及相关问题、机会和成功案例进行沟通。

Staffing Activities 5%


  • Ensures regular 1:1’s are conducted with coordinator / Venue Finder as appropriate to accomplish goals.确保销售助理/场馆搜寻助理按照1:1的比例开展工作,以相应地完成目标。

Controlling Activities 10%


  • Assesses actual performance versus the target to ensure success and takes corrective actions where necessary.评估实际绩效与目标以确保成功,并在必要时采取纠正措施。
  • Ensures Account Development plan is followed and achieved providing feedback as necessary.确保客户发展计划得到贯彻和实施,并根据需要提供反馈意见。
  • Ensures RFP processes are followed in line with the Hilton Best Practice.确保RFP询价流程符合希尔顿最佳实践。
  • Maintains Salesforce to ensure accurate and up-to-date customer account information is kept.保持销售力量,确保始终获得准确、最新的客户信息。
  • To ensure information relating to customer requirements, interests and marketing activities is kept up to date through the use of relevant Hilton procedures.通过实施希尔顿相关程序,确保与客户要求、兴趣和营销活动相关的信息不断更新。
  • Work with the support team (Venue Finder / Co-coordinator) ensure tasks are carried out as directed by the customer.与支持团队(场馆搜寻助理/销售助理)合作,确保按客户的要求开展工作。
  • To provide accurate management reports to review account performance and communicate future plans.提供准确的管理报告,评估客户绩效并传达未来计划。
  • Reviews customer base to determine new opportunities for account penetration.评估客户群,确定客户渗透的新机会。

Supportive Functions


In addition to performance of the essential functions, this position may be required to perform a combination of the following supportive functions, with the percentage of time performing each function to be solely determined by the supervisor based upon the particular requirements of the company.


  • To communicate regularly with hotels to ensure productive and effective meetings are established and customer information cross referenced and to ensure relevant hotels are well aware of the ‘Customer value’ when dealing with a tender coming from a specific customer.经常与酒店进行沟通,确保组织富有成效的会议,客户信息得到交叉参考,并确保相关酒店在处理具体客户预订意向时,充分了解“客户价值”。
  • Support office head and AD to organize and participate in related sales activities, including China showcase, cluster sales calls, FAM trips, customer appreciation event etc.支持办公室主任和客户销售经理组织和参加相关销售活动,包括中国展会,群体销售电话会议、体验游、客户感谢活动等。
  • Attendance at sales workshops.参加销售讲习班。
  • Involvement in various projects to support the Hilton Worldwide Sales team’s strategies.参与各种项目,为希尔顿全球销售团队的战略实施提供支持。
  • Support Colleagues to achieve appointments with our clients for Sales Weeks.为同事在销售周如约会见客户提供支持。
  • Plan and attend the Familiarisation Trips that are detailed in the account development plans to support driving market share.策划并参加客户发展计划中详细介绍的体验游,支持市场份额提升。
  • Additional supportive functions as appropriate.视情形参加其他支持工作。

What are we looking for?

The individual must possess the following knowledge, skills and abilities and be able to perform the essential functions of the job, with or without reasonable accommodation.


  • Excellent communication skills: presentations and written communications良好的沟通能力:演讲和书面沟通
  • Ability to take initiative to identify, prioritise and implement actions required to achieve functional goals能够积极主动地发现达成工作目标所需要的行动,分清主次予以实施
  • Strong problem solving skills including ability to address any issue in collaboration with others, identify and prevent potential problems and develop problem solving skills in others熟练的问题解决技能,包括处理与他人合作方面的任何问题,确定和预防潜在问题,提高在其他方面的问题解决能力
  • Has good relationship management skills and presents the appropriate professional image to customers and external contacts.具有良好的关系管理技能,能向客户和外部联系人展示恰当的职业形象。
  • Can handle more than one task/situation at a time能同时应对多项工作/情况
  • Abilty to direct collaboration among cross-functional teams including external resources能够直接协调包括外部资源在内的跨职能团队工作
  • Ability to analyse departmental financial data in order to make strategic and tactical decisions能够分析部门财务数据,并依此制定战略和战术决策
  • Leads by example to resolve conflicts, introduce change and ensure collaboration among others以身作则,解决冲突,推动改革,确保与他人的良好合作
  • Demonstrates the highest standards of ethical behaviour and absolute discretion with sensitive information体现最高标准的道德行为,对敏感信息保持绝对谨慎的态度
  • Ability to provide development and mentoring to others能够培养他人,提供相关指导
  • Ability to work independently and manage the work of others能够独立工作并管理他人的工作
  • Abiility to deliver performance feedback to subordinates to improve overall performance能向下属提供绩效反馈,提高整体绩效
  • Ability to adjust plans and priorities as situations change.能根据随着情况的变化,灵活调整计划和主次工作。
  • Prioritizes, organizes and uses a systematic approach to get things done.分清主次,有组织地利用系统化方法完成工作。
  • Ability to think and articulate a vision for business sales and capable of translating this into practical and tangible actions.能够思考并阐明企业销售愿景,将其转化为切实可行的行动。
  • Self-reliant, working with minimal control and direction.依靠自己独立完成工作,需要的管理和指挥最少。
  • Takes calculated risks to achieve results in consultation with immediate supervisor and other relevant team members.与直属上级和其他相关团队成员协商工作,承担预期风险,最终达成业绩。
  • Contributes and is effective when team working with peers.团队与同业公司合作时,须尽心尽力,高效进行合作。
  • Adapts quickly and positively to any new situations.迅速、积极地适应任何新的情况。



  • University degree or experience in lieu thereof本科学位或有相关经验
  • Work experience in customer facing, revenue generating roles including management experience有面对客户的经验,担任过创造收益的工作,包括管理经验
  • Experience working in multi-cultural or international settings有多元文化或国际环境中工作的经验
  • Fluency in English英语流利
  • Years of related experience: 3-5相关工作经验:3-5
  • Add'l requirements (i.e. % of travel, etc.):Flexibility to Travel其他要求(如出差比重等):能经常出差



  • Advanced degree preferred高学历优先
  • Hospitality industry experience preferred in Sales, Marketing, Revenue or Operating roles有酒店从业经验,担任过销售、营销、收入或运营岗位者优先
  • In-depth knowledge of business sector manage对企业部门管理有深刻的了解
  • International experience advantageous有国际工作经验优势
  • Fluency in English英语流利
  • Years of related experience: 3-5相关工作经验:3-5
  • Add'l requirements (i.e. % of travel, etc.):Flexibility to Travel其他要求(如出差比重等): 能经常出差
  • Management or supervisory experience type: Supervisory管理或主管经验类型主管

What will it be like to work for Hilton?

Hilton is the leading global hospitality company, spanning the lodging sector from luxurious full-service hotels and resorts to extended-stay suites and mid-priced hotels. For nearly a century, Hilton has offered business and leisure travelers the finest in accommodations, service, amenities and value. Hilton is dedicated to continuing its tradition of providing exceptional guest experiences across its global brands . Our vision “to fill the earth with the light and warmth of hospitality” unites us as a team to create remarkable hospitality experiences around the world every day. And, our amazing Team Members are at the heart of it all!

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Title: Account Manager, Hilton Worldwide Sales - Beijing

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