HCA, Hospital Corporation of America Registered Nurse (RN) - Intermediate Medical Surgical (PRN) - Methodist Hospital in San Antonio, Texas

General Statement of Duties :

The professional Registered Nurse (RN) is the patient and patient’s family advocate. He/she consistently applies and utilizes the nursing process, critical thinking skills, scientific judgment, technical skills and leadership to independently deliver safe nursing care to patients. The RN collaborates with the patient care team to achieve quality patient outcomes in alignment with the Hospital mission and Methodist Excellence goals. Communicates and utilizes interpersonal skills effectively and role models confidence and professionalism within nursing as evidenced by active engagement in unit and organizational activities. Demonstrates team work and adaptability and is a resource person to the patient care team. He/she is accountable for the quality of nursing care services delivered by self or others under their direction in accordance with the Texas Nurse Practice Act, hospital policies and procedures and the Texas Board of Nursing rules for delegated nursing tasks (Chapter 224). Promotes a positive image of nursing and demonstrates team work and adaptability through consistently following the standards of Methodist Excellence.

Essential Job Functions :/ /

  1. Applies nursing judgment through a thorough, systematic approach of applying the nursing process to include:

    · Assessment: Conducts comprehensive, timely, and ongoing focused physical, psycho-

    social and pain assessments; includes assessment of patient education needs.

    · Planning: Utilizes the assessment, identifies problems, makes nursing diagnoses,

    formulates goals, teaching plans and outcomes to create an individualized plan of care. Identifies individual patient goals, readiness to learn and incorporates family into the plan of care.

    · Implementation: Prioritizes and implements a competent, prioritized and efficient

    nursing plan of care.

    · Evaluation/Reassessment: Consistently conducts timely evaluation, anticipates and

    recognizes changes in patient conditions, determines when reassessments are needed and

    adjusts the plan of care as necessary. Compares expected and achieved outcomes of

    nursing care utilizing the plan of care.

  2. Collaborates with patient care team members on patient care plan; communicates timely and effectively with physicians and other members of the patient care team through verbal, written or electronic communication to coordinate and facilitate meeting patient needs. Incorporates consistent use of hand-off communication and SBAR communication methods.

  3. Demonstrates critical thinking skills, scientific judgment, and organizational skills. Prioritizes tasks and adjusts priorities when necessary. Maintains an orderly, efficient and timely flow of patients. Recognizes and reports errors and unusual occurrences and analyze contributing factors. Initiates corrective action when appropriate.

  4. Makes accurate, complete and timely entries into the patient medical record addressing all steps of the nursing process. Actively communicates with members of the healthcare team, patient and patient family.

  5. Maintains current nursing knowledge to assure a safe working environment. Demonstrates practical application of all policies and procedures relative to safety and the pillars of Methodist Excellence to include: Applicable quality core measures, infection prevention, fall prevention, medication administration safety, hourly rounding, and AIDET principles.

  6. Responsible to supervise tasks delegated to unlicensed personnel and accountable for tasks performed by unlicensed personnel according to the Texas BON rules for delegated nursing tasks (Chapter 224).

    Additional Job Duties

  7. Recognizes and responds to crisis situations. Notifies appropriate individuals of actual or

    impending crisis.

  8. Incorporates patient's cultural and spiritual beliefs into care by making appropriate referrals to

    chaplain, social services, case manager, etc. Documents pertinent data including assessment,

    interventions and evaluations.

  9. Participates in performance improvement activities of the hospital/unit. This may include data

    collection. Participation on a team or implementing recommendations identified through quality


  10. Assists in providing education for staff through being a liaison and/or through preceptor ship.

    Assists coworkers willingly and shares information/resources with team members.

  11. Supports the mission and vision of the Methodist Healthcare System and/Methodist Excellence/by

    providing courteous, compassionate and quality service to all customers by anticipating and

    accommodating customer’s needs.

  12. Understands and is committed to helping the Methodist Healthcare System and its associated

    facilities achieve its goals under the MHS Financial Performance Plan.

  13. Must learn and comply with System and facility safety policies and rules; must use appropriate

    safety equipment and procedures at all times; must immediately report all unsafe conditions to

    supervisors; must be familiar with all safety features of equipment, tools or materials encompassed

    by job duties; and must check with supervisors (prior to job performance) if there is a question as

    to the safe procedure to be used for any job function.

  14. Patient information is managed confidentially – including both written and electronic records.

    Ensures physical and auditory privacy.

  15. Completes other duties as assigned.

    Minimum Education, Experience, Training, Required Knowledge, Skill, Abilities and Other Job-Related Characteristics :

    1. Education:

    Required: Graduate of an accredited diploma, associates, or baccalaureate degree nursing program.

    Preferred: Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)

    1. Experience:

    A. RN I – Less than six months experience as a licensed RN.

    MHS practice for RNs with less than six months experience is to attend an RN Residency program.

    B. RN II - Minimum of six (6) months clinical experience as a licensed RN.

    C. RN III - ALL of the following:

    1) Minimum of two (2) years clinical experience as a licensed RN

    2) Minimum of six (6) months clinical experience working as RN in specialty area of hire.

    3) Approved for and maintains requirements of the MHS Nursing Clinical Excellence program RN level III.

    D. RN IV - ALL of the following:

    1) Minimum of three (3) years clinical experience as a licensed RN

    2) Minimum of two (2) years clinical experience working as RN in specialty area of hire.

    3) Approved for and maintains requirements of the MHS Nursing Clinical Excellence Program RN level IV.

  16. Employee completes initial and ongoing training and competencies as defined by service

    line, facility and department/unit which are specific to the needs of the patient population

    served (if applicable).

    Minimum License, Certificates, or Registrations Required :

    1. Required : RN License to practice as a professional registered nursing in the state of Texas or Active Multi-State RN Compact License. (Employees with RN Compact License are required to obtain Texas RN License within 90 days of hire date.)

    2. Preferred : Certification in their specialty

Title: Registered Nurse (RN) - Intermediate Medical Surgical (PRN) - Methodist Hospital

Location: Texas-San Antonio-Methodist Hospital

Requisition ID: 02531-67281