G&K Services Loader/Unloader-2ND SHIFT in Salt Lake City, Utah


JOB SUMMARY: This person in this position will unload the dirty garments off of the trucks and separate for washing at the beginning of the production process. At the end of the production process, the person in this position is accountable for ensuring the correct orders are loaded on the appropriate trucks for the route delivery drivers.



  • Identify and transfer which upper trolley lines are storing garments for the day which you are loading trucks. This information can be found in the Trolley System Book in the Shipping Department.

  • On the erase board, record which routes are on which lower trolley lines

  • Back a truck up to the loading dock.

  • Put mats on the rack behind the driver-s seat

  • Locate the cage that the stager filled for the route being loaded and place the contents of the cage in the truck:

  • Initial completed loadsheets.

  • Check the damage line for garments. Place these garments on the dashboard of the truck for the appropriate route.

  • Check for NOGS in the yellow bins on the loading dock.

  • Put the garments on the truck after the load sheet is filled. The garments are on the lower trolley lines and can be pushed by hand towards the truck.

  • Fill the barrels in the rear of the truck with the appropriate quantity of shop towels.

  • Put cleaners, soaps, and grit on the dashboard.

  • Make sure there are laundry bags for the driver.

  • Place 2 hanger reclamation racks on the truck.

  • Make sure there are plenty of pouches for soil tickets and plastic bags for the driver.

  • Park the loaded truck and leave the loadsheet on the dashboard for the driver.

  • Hang up the keys for all trucks in the Route Rep Entrance.

  • Clean up the loading dock.

  • Bring garments down from the upper trolley storage lines to the lower trolley storage lines in order to make room for shippers to store additional routes the following day. Label which routes are on which lines on the erase board.

  • Complete productivity paperwork.


  • Place mats on the floor so that the soiled garments can be unloaded onto them.

  • Locate cages that can be used for soiled linen, towels, mops and CRT-s.

  • Back a truck up to the unloading dock. In order to do this safely, one person must stand by the unloading dock to let the driver know when to stop backing the truck.

  • Identify the route that is on the truck and note it on the lot list. NOTE: Refer to the sheet posted on the wall for which lots certain routes must be put into.

  • Unload garments from the truck. Set laundry bags of clothing on the mats for the sorter to sort.

  • Pull the truck forward far enough to allow for other merchandise to be unloaded: Put bags of shop towels in the shop towel cage; put linen bags in the linen cage; put CRT-s and mops in the appropriate cage.

  • Move the truck to the other end of the loading dock when mats and barrels of shop towels are left to unload. Place mats in a mat cage and barrels inside the plant near the shop towel counter.

  • Remove the dirty mat on the floor of the truck, sweep the truck, and put a clean 3x10 mat on the floor.

  • Check the Equipment List to see if any equipment such as empty barrels or carts needs to be placed on the truck.

  • Drive the truck to the loading dock and park it in a parking space. The loaders will back the truck up to the dock when they are ready to load it.

  • Continue this process until all the trucks are unloaded.

  • Clean up the area by sweeping the floor.


  • HS diploma/GED or equivalent reading, verbal and written communication, and basic math skills.




  • Valid driving license required

Working Conditions, Hazard & Physical Work Demands:

Working outside in inclement weather, handling soiled garments, and delivering products to a variety of different industries. G&K plant environment - noisy and moving equipment. Loading truck - standing, walking, bending, stooping, regularly lifting up to 50 lbs. In and out of truck throughout day, unloading and reloading truck - standing, walking, bending, stooping and regularly lifting up to 50 lbs.

Job: Hrly Production/General Labor

Primary Location: US-Utah-Salt Lake City-Salt Lake City-015

Schedule: Full-time

Job Posting: Dec 7, 2016, 1:53:29 PM

Unposting Date: Ongoing

Req ID: 307879