HCA, Hospital Corporation of America LPN Inpatient Rehab in Salem VA, Virginia

LPN Needed for Inpatient Rehab Unit with LewisGale Medical_Center Desirable Day Shift Position! Tuition Reimbursement Available!_

_SPECIFIC ELEMENTS AND ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS:_ Under the direction of a Nursing Clinical Coordinator or Department Director: Accountable and Responsible for Clinical Judgment  Demonstrates strong and accurate clinical judgment and competent or expert nursing skills while following established policies including those related to confidentiality (written, verbal, electronic and digital).  Documents effectively, succinctly, and timely according to organizational policy.  Incorporates time management and prioritizes for efficiency and productivity.  Follows LGMC process for dispensing of medications and narcotic control and employs clinical judgment related to medication administration.  Adheres to hospital and unit policies.  Other duties as assigned. Duty to Self and Others through Clinical Inquiry  Professionally resolves or seeks assistance for clinical problems and conflict.  Timely collaborates with the healthcare team to report critical information or change in condition.  Completes annual educational requirements and other specified learning activities on time. Committed to Caring Practices  Demonstrates professional caring practices through sensitivity, respect, engagement, and assessing for patient and family satisfaction.  Creates a safe and therapeutic atmosphere for patients, co-workers, other departments and customers.  Promotes comfort and prevents suffering through presence and attentiveness. Demonstrates timely pain assessment and reassessment.  Coaches other members of the team for professional growth and to meet the patient’s needs.  Promotes a culture of safety. Advocates for the Patient  Works on behalf of others representing the concerns of the patient/family/community, including participation in Multidisciplinary Rounds and hourly rounds.  Adheres to quality standards such as National Patient Safety standards and infection prevention.  Appropriately teaches patients and families beginning with admission and continuing throughout hospitalization until the last interaction where instructions for home and/or the next provider are accurately provided. Advances the Role of the Professional Nurse through Learning  Following Synergy Professional Practice Model maintains and grows competency in response to the needs of patients and the organization as demonstrated by activities such as professional organizational membership or certification.  Proficient oral and written skills. Collaborates within the Healthcare Environment  Demonstrates and promotes hospital and nursing Mission, Vision, Philosophy and Core Values.  Communicates professionally with other team members and colleagues by following approved methods of communication as applicable (I Care, Scripting, SBAR, huddles, and Bedside Reporting)  Collaborates with patients, families, and the healthcare team to coordinate care for an effective and current plan of care. Contributes to the Healthcare Environment with Systems’ Thinking  Adheres to and promotes the regulations that safeguard the care including but not limited to: Basic Life Support (BLS), National Patient Safety Goals, American Nurses Association Code of Ethics, Standards of Care, Safe Patient Handling, and the Joint Commission Guidelines.  Attends staff meetings and engaged in hospital affairs such as Shared Governance as demonstrated through attendance, input, innovative ideas, and volunteering to serve on unit based or hospital councils.  Knowledge and application of the cultural foundations including Professional Practice Model.  Demonstrates quality systems thinking through gaining and maintaining knowledge of the quality indicators including the nursing sensitive indicators.  Promotes a work environment that is free of harassment and violence.  A professional role model within the community when representing the organization. References: ANA Code of Ethics ANA Standards of Professional Nursing Practice Curley, M. (1998). Patient-nurse synergy: Optimizing patients’ outcomes. American Journal of Critical Care, 7(1), 64-72. QUALIFICATIONS REQUIRED Licensure - One of the following: 1. Licensed Practical Nurse License issued by the Department of Health Professions, Commonwealth of Virginia 2. Licensed Practical Nurse with “multi-state

QUALIFICATIONS REQUIRED Licensure - One of the following: 1. Licensed Practical Nurse License issued by the Department of Health Professions, Commonwealth of Virginia 2. Licensed Practical Nurse with “multi-state

Title: LPN Inpatient Rehab

Location: Virginia-Salem VA-Lewis-Gale Medical Center

Requisition ID: 00005-16624