HCA, Hospital Corporation of America RN, Infection Prevention Coordinator - Days in Round Rock, Texas

POSITION SUMMARY: Attempts to reduce the risk of nosocomial infections and promotes the health and safety of staff through ongoing analysis of comprehensive infection surveillance of patients and staff; by the institution of appropriate interventions through staff education. Administers the Employee Health Program, Employee Health and Safety Program (employee injury), and required OSHA programs.

ESSENTIAL JOB RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. Evaluates collected surveillance data, epidemiologic studies, and investigations and plans and implements appropriate responses to findings. * Conducts ongoing surveillance of infections in patients and personnel.

  • Keeps accurate records of identified infections and compiles and interprets surveillance data.

  • Conducts prospective prevalence studies as necessary to evaluate effectiveness of surveillance system.

  • Identifies and promptly reports epidemiological variation in levels of disease to the appropriate personnel.

  • Inspects environment and observes personnel activities for the purpose of detecting possible hazards and to evaluate compliance with standards set by the Infection Control Committee.

  • Monitors and evaluates isolation, aseptic and patient techniques to provide optimum care to patients.

  • Follow up on Hospital personnel infections which may affect patients.

  • Monitor patient admissions and placement to ensure optimum control of infections through appropriate patient placement.

  • Interacts with local, state and federal health agencies in controlling the spread of infectious diseases by reporting diseases as per the Texas Department of Health.

  • Develops a plan for the Infection Control program based on sound epidemiologic principles and appropriate to the demographics and services of the Hospital.

  • Conducts annual evaluation of the Infection Control program to ensure that it is appropriate and effective in reducing the risk of nosocomial infections.

    1. Develops and updates area specific policies and procedures pertinent to infection control principles which comply with various regulatory body rules, regulations and recommendations.
  • Monitors departmental infection control policies for revision and submits to Infection Control Committees every two years.

  • Updates and revises the Infection Control Manual as needed with complete revisions every two years.

    1. Plans and conducts educational programs specific to infection control and employee health and monitors effectiveness of such programs.
  • Participates in the development and periodic revision of general and nursing orientation programs for the St. David’s Healthcare Partnership new employees.

  • Presents orientation for general and nursing orientation on a rotating basis with other Infection Control Practitioners (ICP) and Employee Health Nurses (EHN) in the Partnership.

  • Plans and provides annual infection control education as needed for all departments.

  • Plans and presents other educational programs as needed.

  • Disseminates information relating to infection control and employee health.

    1. Participates on various committees. Serves as a leader, consultant, educator and resource person on infection control and employee health.
  • Prepares and presents all materials for the Round Rock Medical Center Infection Control Committee.

  • Serve as an active member of the Round Rock Medical Center Environment of Care Committee. Preparing and presenting the Employee Injury Report.

  • Participates in other committees as needed.

  • Serves a consultant to staff, physicians and other infection control practitioners and employee health nurses in the Partnership and the Austin area.

    1. Coordinator of Columbia/St. David’s Employee Health and Safety Program (EHSP).
  • Initial source of medical evaluation for many employee work-related injuries.

  • Reviews and follows up on all employee injuries that require medical evaluation. Communicates with Department Directors regarding all aspects of occurrence, ensuring all reports are complete. Communicates with Department Directors on a regular basis regarding employees who are off work due to a work-related injury/illness. Clarifies medical status and potential for returning to work under modified duty or full release. Assists Department Directors in drafting modified job description of injured employees as needed.

  • Schedules and coordinates additional medical (i.e., specialty physicians/services, physical therapy, diagnostic producers, etc.) appointments in conjunction with the injured employee and medical provider.

  • Communicates with providers regarding a) medical status of employee, b) review of physician reports following each office visits; and c) authorization of subsequent appointments.

  • Review Work Status Reports and referrals for injured employees.

  • Establishes and implements effective procedures to monitor the progress of employees with work related injuries/illnesses involving medical expenses and/or lost time.

  • Provides acute illness/injury intervention by recognizing and assessing symptoms so that appropriate treatment and/or referral can be accomplished.

  • Provides immunizations for occupational exposure to disease as required and/or requested.

  • Manages compliance with OSHA work-related injury/illnesses regulations and maintains records in accordance with local, state, federal, and accrediting agency standards.

  • Reports all medical claims to third-party payer and authorizes payment for services provided.

    1. Directs the activities of the Employee Health Program.
  • Maintains physical facilities and equipment of the Employee Health office in a safe and efficient manner.

  • Collaborates with St. David’s Occupational Health Center to provide immunization services and maintain employee health records.

  • Directs and manages TB skin testing as per the TB prevention plan.

  • Directs and manages annual Flu Fight.

  • Serves as a health consultant to employees by making referrals to community resources when necessary. Serves as a resource for employee health issues such as employee immunization requirements, modified duty, and safety.

  • Monitors and reports department Quality Improvement issues.

    1. Appropriately accesses secured rooms with medications storage containers in order to perform assigned job function, which does not include management of medications.


Required: Must be a Registered Nurse licensed to practice in the State of Texas. Must have three to five years professional experience working with adults in health care. Must possess excellent verbal and written communication skills and effective guest relations. Basic physical assessment skills required. Basic word processing/computer skills required.

Preferred: Graduate of a baccalaureate degree program in nursing. Knowledge of Texas Worker’s Compensation and OSHA guidelines. Previous experience in Employee Health and Infection Control in a health care setting. Clinical experience with patient education is helpful.


Required: Licensed to practice as a Registered Nurse in the State of Texas.

Preferred: Certification in Infection Control (CIC).

Title: RN, Infection Prevention Coordinator - Days

Location: Texas-Round Rock-Round Rock Medical Center

Requisition ID: 06240-48660