Telogis, A Verizon Company Advanced Solutions Sales Engineer in Rolling Meadows, Illinois

What you’ll be doing...

Partner with outside, inside, and indirect sales reps and managers to attempt to sell telematics products and services to new and existing customers. Activities include in person meetings, webexs, phone calls, emails, and research/testing. Specific areas of expertise include software demos, integration, hardware and software functionality, compliance expertise, etc.

Interface with internal SMEs to answer specific questions and provide feedback to SMEs as to functionality customers desire.

Post sales customer efforts – training, troubleshooting, etc.

What we’re looking for...

ASAs are required to a) listen to the goals of the customer, what they are trying to achieve, and b) to match those goals with specific technology capabilities. And at the same time understand they are selling Verizon Telematics products and services, even when the customer’s needs don’t fit our capabilities. They need to strategically design a technical sales strategy and then team with internal resources to execute that strategy with the customer

In a meeting with a prospective customer, the customer discusses the 4 "must have" capabilities in whatever solution they purchase. Later in the meeting the ASA is asked to perform a software demonstration, highlighting especially the 4 areas that the customer mentioned as must haves. However, the VZT solution to be demonstrated only has 3 of the 4 capabilities. The ASA must choose to a)Ignore the must have that VZT doesn’t offer, b) Broach the subject head on and say we don’t have it, c) attempt to present a workaround solution, or d) some combination. Any one of these options may be reasonable based on the customer, but the ASA has to choose the best way that doesn’t mislead the customer and gives VZT the best chance to win the business.

Prospective customer has to fulfill and internal mandate for specific MRM functions and may want to buy from VZT. Customer has a low level of technology sophistication, isn’t strong in change management, and is somewhat price sensitive. Working with his or her counterparts in VZT sales and VZW, the ASA must determine what .

Autonomous Resolution – The ASAs, in addition to helping sell solutions to customers, must market themselves to the sales reps and managers in their market. There is no mandate to utilize an ASA, so they must keep themselves valuable. But their time is limited, and demand for their time often overwhelms their supply, Daily the ASA has to strategically determine which meetings and calls to attend based on business need but also knowing that they need to maintain good relationships with reps and managers.

New methods to achieve results – as field employees that are also technical, ASAs face a difficult challenge of trying to keep up with company technology changes without having strong ties to the offices that create those changes. Recently several ASAs asked me to request they be added to several email distributions and a couple of weekly calls. They felt that their participation would save them time in the long run if they were able to connect directly. As with most new solutions they need to involve their manager, but the ASAs themselves make many recommendations that improve our efficiency

The ASA does not report up through the sales team and yet has to work hand in hand with sales. As a result they must exercise good decision making to understand and execute a strategy that is both focus on the internal sales teams but also on the needs of the customer. That independence is important and they need to walk a fine line between customer advocate and sales advocate.

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