Seattle City Light Electrician Constructor in Rockport, Washington

Seattle City Light, a department of the City of Seattle, is one of the nation's largest municipally owned utilities in terms of the number of customers served. Over the years we have worked very hard to keep Seattle's electricity affordable, reliable, and environmentally sound. Today, City Light is a recognized national leader in energy efficiency and environmental stewardship. The Generation Operation & Engineering Business Unit is hiring multiple journey level Electrician Constructors to join our teams at our remote facilities at the Boundary Hydroelectric Project in Metaline, Washington and the Skagit Hydroelectric Project based out of Newhalem, Washington. Electrician Constructors perform skilled work in the installation, maintenance, repair, and operation of equipment and facilities used in the generation, transmission and distribution of electric power. These positions report to the Electrical Constructor Crew Chief at their respective Hydroelectric Projects. The Boundary Hydroelectric Project is located approximately 100 miles north of Spokane near the town of Metaline Falls and the Canadian Border. The Skagit Hydroelectric Project is based out of Newhalem, Washington, located 116 miles northeast of Seattle. Both Projects are located in remote rural areas of Washington State, the Skagit Project is nestled in the northern Cascade mountain range and the Boundary Project in the Selkirk mountain range. Both appointments will provide an opportunity to live and/or work near some of Washington State's most beautiful and scenic hydro generating facilities. Job Responsibilities: Positions in this class perform journey-level work in the installation, testing, repair and maintenance of equipment and facilities used in the generation, distribution and transmission of electrical power. The work requires expert knowledge of electrical theory and principles, familiarity with the tools and equipment used in the electrical trades, ability to interpret and apply drawings, electrical diagrams, specifications and codes, and knowledge of safety rules and procedures. Installs, maintains, tests and repairs generators, control equipment, electrical motors, power circuit breakers, voltage regulators, automatic generation control equipment, transformers, and other electrical equipment. Installs and repairs conduit and wiring in and around substations, powerhouses and other installations. Installs, inspects and repairs security systems, protection and control relays, station batteries, and chargers. Diagnoses, repairs and replaces water-level monitoring and control systems, hoisting equipment, spillgates, intake gates, overhead cranes, and elevator systems. Operates specialized mobile equipment and vehicles. Instructs and monitors the work of Electrical Helpers and Electrician-Constructor Apprentices. Ability to work outdoors in all weather conditions. Works on or near energized high voltage equipment, at heights, and in confined areas. May be exposed to toxic/hazardous substances. Qualifications: Experience: Requires a minimum of three (3) years experience in the electrical trades as an apprentice or helper, including one (1) year working with 2200 volt or higher electrical equipment (or a combination of education and/or training and/or experience which provides an equivalent background required to perform the work of the class). Certification/License: Current Washington State Drivers' License. Commercial Driver's License with Class B endorsement may be required. Additional Information: