ASG Renaissance Production Planner/Expediter/Scheduler/Tech Analyst 3A in Rochester, New York

Production Planner/Expediter/Scheduler/Tech Analyst 3A">

Production Planner/Expediter/Scheduler/Tech Analyst 3A



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Major Job Duties and Responsibilities

-Plans and schedules production or procurement considering mix, manpower, machine capabilities, material availability and customer requirements

-Makes decisions and/or recommendations having substantial impact on plant operation and performance

-Provides follow-up assistance in assuring maximum schedule performance

-Regular contact with others outside the work group

-Monitors and controls inventory reports

-Coordinates implementation of engineering changes

-Responsible for the effective use of personnel, material and equipment in supporting SPQRC initiatives

-Must be willing to work any assigned shift, work daily, weekend, and holiday overtime as required

-Supports/implements the QS9000/ISO14001/ (GMS) Global Manufacturing System compliance processes

Routine Clerical Responsibilities:

-Check and process OEM shipments

-Verify ASN sent

-Issue seals and maintain seal log

-Create and process miscellaneous shippers

-Fax/email customers signed BOL’s as requested


-Schedule pick-ups for miscellaneous freight shipped

-Email/ IM requestors with tracking information

-Process and correct system inventories for parts returned to vendor or sort

Extra responsibilities:

-Backup for packaging and processing Fed-Ex., UPS, Service, and Model Shop shipments

-Responsible for ensuring overnight or “hot” shipments are processed daily in a timely manner

-Created and maintain a Bailment Shipment log (report monthly to Finance Dept.) - this is a record of our assets that are sent off site for repair/rebuild

-Created and maintain a regrind log (report monthly to Environmental Dept.)

-Created and maintain a log that keeps track of all of the seats and weld block that supply chain sends out to QES for sort (provide copies of this list to supply chain)

-Created and maintain a Hazmat log to keep track of all of or Hazmat shipments, also keep a hard copy of signed Hazmat BOL’s in a folder as required by DGT in case we get audited

-Maintain a log and verify parts sent to outside processors match SAP system inventory quantities

-Created a word document Bill Of Lading system to be used in the event SAP goes down so we can get shipments out in the event of a system down situation

-Created a BOL template for milk run dunnage trucks, such as Pontiac Coil, PVI, and ATI

-Create forms when necessary to facilitate shipping department operations (Dock Sign-In Sheet, Dock Release Sheet, Pam Trailer List sheet – for docks and the guard shack, etc)

-Keep track of QES regrind (from manifolds sent to QES) and process in SAP

-Order all Fed-Ex and ups supplies for the corner, also order corner supplies from the crib (tape/bubble wrap)

-Created a shipping manual


Required Skills/Experience

-Minimum of 5 years of experience

-Demonstrated high level of ability in the areas listed below

-Knowledge of material department operation, manufacturing processes and departmental relationships

-Planning and organizational abilities

-Analytical ability where problems are somewhat complex

-Oral and written communication skills

-High level of interpersonal skills to work effectively with others Required


-High School Diploma or GED


Rochester , NY

Minimum Experience (yrs):

Required Education:

HighSchool / GED