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The Microsite Solution

Not all employer needs are the same. While some employers require customized, strategically built networks, others are seeking a simple, ready-to-use online recruitment solution. As such, the platform offers a variety of different online recruiting solutions to assist with the challenges employers face. From basic branded sites to fully customized solutions, the platform has the capabilities to attract and engage candidates on a simple to use, yet highly efficient interface.

Homepage Template

The Network was designed with employer’s needs fully in mind, allowing them freedom to choose between a variety of customization options, putting as little or as much branding on each site as they’d like. Giving employers the upper hand when it comes to design also further allows them to utilize the site to its fullest extent.

Basic Homepage Template

The basic homepage template allows employers the ability to have their company’s employment brand broadcasted to job seekers, while still taking advantage of the SEO capabilities and responsive design found on the .JOBS TLD.

Iron Mountain

Flexible Homepage Template

While still encompassing SEO functionality and a responsive design, the flexible homepage template allows employers to create a site that not only is more visually appealing but also provides job seekers with more dynamic information about the organization and their open positions.


Custom Homepage Template

When utilizing the custom homepage option available on the platform, the essence of an employment brand is able to fully come to life, expressing not only the company’s mission and vision, but also seamless branding from their corporate site to their career opportunities.


Multiple Microsites

Online recruitment is a competitive market and each employer is striving to gain the attention of top talent. In order for your organization to stand out amongst your competitors, it’s important to have keyword-focused sites that target your specific hiring initiatives. Not only can these sites provide you with improved search engine rankings, they also allow you the flexibility to market your employment brand and open positions to a specific target audience. You can also include different images and messaging that aligns and resonates with that specific audience.

Along with increased search engine positioning, these additional sites can help your company win both branded and unbranded searches conducted by job seekers. This can also assist your organization with brand awareness, helping to gain the attention of job seekers who were not originally aware of your organization or employment opportunities.

Phillips 66

Military Crosswalk

Each month 135,000 searches are conducted on Google, Yahoo, and Bing containing the search phrase “Veterans Jobs.” As more service men and women transition from active duty, they often find it difficult to translate skills obtained during their training to civilian job requirements. To combat this challenge, the Military Crosswalk merges a veteran-focused domain and translation tool with SEO techniques to create a dynamic platform that matches military skillsets with your company’s unique jobs.

This feature enables companies to build a site tailored toward veteran hiring initiatives by allowing transitioning military and veterans the ability to search jobs with their unique Military Occupation Code (MOC). This search capability seamlessly pairs veteran job seekers with positions that fit their military experience and helping to create a more user-friendly job seeker experience.


Static Pages

You control the message and the job seeker experience from start to finish. Engage your visitors with static pages that contain content about your company’s history, mission, and accolades that further showcase your employment brand and draw them one step closer to applying to your open positions. Make this a meaningful experience where the job seeker not only learns about your opportunities, but your company’s vision too.

Providence Health & Services

Featured Jobs

When using the platform, employers have the ability to designate job openings as Featured Jobs, meaning they are given priority placement at the top of the search results. While Microsites contain your jobs only, this unique attribute can be used to highlight evergreen positions or even openings that have a short time-to-fill.


Responsive Design

Each site on the platform is fully optimized for easy accessibility on mobile devices to better reach job seekers on-the-go. This optimization provides your company with an out-of-the-box, mobile recruiting solution without additional costs.

Why Mobile?

  • Over 60% of the world’s population owns a mobile device
  • It’s projected that the number of mobile devices will soon outnumber the world’s population
  • Mobile internet usage will overtake desktop internet usage within two years


Social Sharing

The platform integrates with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ profiles, allowing job seekers another way to connect with your company. This provides a great opportunity for them to follow your company and share your job listings with friends using a social media outlet. Job seekers can also subscribe to an RSS feed that alerts them to new employment opportunities within your organization.


Jobs Map

The world around us is becoming more and more visually charged. Whether through the use of videos or bold images, studies have shown that people react more positively to imagery rather than to just words. Even something as simple as a job search is being changed to adapt this growing need. To accommodate more visually-inept job seekers, the platform has the capability to incorporate an interactive map that displays jobs visually, showing not only their locations across the nation, but also the number of opportunities available in that locale.

Gold's Gym Network

The Network is a sophisticated collection of 40,000+ sites made up of location, occupation, and term or specialty sites that are hosted by DirectEmployers on behalf of our Members. This total collection of sites also includes the multiple company-owned and branded sites that benefit individual organizations who have invested in the expansion of the .JOBS TLD.

To amplify job visibility and further target specific audiences, each job included on the company branded Microsites will be syndicated to relevant sites within the Network.

Featured Companies

Employers wishing to showcase their recruitment efforts can further distinguish these initiatives by becoming a Featured Company on sites within the Network. To be designated as a Featured Company, this means your organization has began a multi-site strategy, creating a Microsite that put a strategic focus on hiring efforts in specific locations, occupations or terms. Take advantage of this opportunity to have your company’s branding included on the homepage of relevant sites within the Network, as well as a link to your corresponding Microsite.

Featured Videos

Take advantage of the Featured Video section in the Network to further highlight your employment marketing and recruitment videos. By having a Featured Video on the Network, you have the ability to connect with job seekers, allowing them the opportunity to learn more about your organization and why they should want to pursue a career with you.

“With location, occupation, and specialty-focused domains, the Network broadens our job seeker reach and helps us connect with a diverse talent pool.”

– Jonathan Rosenberg, Manager of Talent Planning & Acquisition, Phillips 66

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