MedFocus Medical Info Scientist, PharmD in Pennsylvania

Job Description: To meet the needs of healthcare providers through collaboration with internal business partners to ensure the delivery of accurate and scientifically balanced medical information and to respond to unsolicited inquiries from healthcare professionals (HCPs), including payers and managed healthcare organizations in a manner that will help them make a decision regarding therapy for a patient or product selection.

  • Respond to unsolicited medical information questions through verbal or written channels from healthcare providers (HCPs) and payer and managed healthcare organizations by utilizing the highest level of scientific data so that healthcare providers globally are able to make informed clinical decisions about products in a safe & efficacious manner while adhering to business policies and processes.

  • Create and update standard medical information content on products utilizing the highest level of evidence, critically evaluate the data with the focus that the information can be shared with healthcare providers by all Local Operating Companies

  • Create and update medical information payer content by collaborating and building a strong relationship with our partners (US Medical Affairs Leader, US Health Outcomes, Legal) so that payer and managed care organizations have the necessary resources they need to make decisions regarding products.

  • Plan the database by actively reviewing the data dissemination plan for new and relevant data so that medical information content is updated proactively resulting in the most current information in medical information resources for colleagues (Medical Information Scientists, US Medical Affairs Leaders, Medical Affairs Field Liaisons) to share with HCPs regarding products.

  • Collaborate with Medical Affairs Field Liaisons to create topic specific presentations as requested by HCPs to share new information regarding a product/disease state or help fulfill knowledge gaps.

  • Collaborate with internal business partners (e.g., Medical Affairs, Medical Affairs Field Liaisons and Commercial) to ensure the provision of medical information such as promotional materials, speaker presentations, and field training materials related to a COMPANY product or related disease state for medical accuracy and scientific balance is accurate and scientifically balanced during the promotional review process.

  • Collaborate with Medical Affairs, US Health Outcomes, Medical Affairs Field Liaisons and Commercial to prepare for the launch of a new product (e.g., creation of a medical information database, dossiers, therapeutic slide deck, promotional materials, trainings of MS colleagues and speaker trainings)

  • Primary Medical Affairs sign off for the review of promotional materials

  • Contribute actively in a Therapeutic Area Team to discuss strategic priorities of product(s), to ensure appropriate resources (e.g., medical information content) are available to meet the priorities.


Min Salary: $0.00

Max Salary: $0.00

State: PA