Bisfot llc Senior data warehouse analyst in Olympia, Washington

senior level Data Warehouse Analyst to develop and implement extract, transform, and load processes needed to support WSDOT’s data warehouse The contractor shall perform the technical tasks required to set up, maintain, enhance performance, and troubleshoot extraction, transformation and load (ETL) routines that move data from transactional databases and flat files to the data warehouse. The contractor shall provide support to report analysts and customers to ensure accurate and timely performance of reports utilizing information from the data warehouse. The data warehouse operating environment is SQL Server 2012 and 2016 on Windows 10 and our ETL tool is Informatica Power Center 10.1. Specific duties include: Using client requirements and database design specifications, the contactor shall: • Determine how the data sources identified can provide the required data. • Test data structures to verify that the target databases will work as designed. • Set up ETL routines: write the code using Informatica mappings that move data from the specified sources; transform it as required and write it into the data mart. The outcome of this task shall be error-free ETL routines that meet requirements and design specifications, and are regularly scheduled within the Department’s Data Warehouse loading process. • Provide technical assistance to staff in writing complex data-mart queries, based on the detailed knowledge gained during the construction of ETL routines. The outcome of this task shall be the provision of technical information and ideas to support staff and query-tools experts who are assisting users with advanced, complex data-mart queries.