Maple Grove Floral Receiving Processors in Niagara Falls, New York

Niagara Falls. Maple Grove Floral. RECEIVING PROCESSORS. 2 openings. PT 12-20 hours/week.

Receiving Processors needed to process incoming floral shipments and receive from delivery trucks from Florida and air shipments. Receive and process those shipments, unpack flowers carefully, count and log shipments, remove flowers from box, and place in water. Must be able to lift approximately 75 pound boxes. Hours are dependent upon arrival times of airborne shipments and delivery trucks. Own vehicle required. Must be reachable by cell phone and email. Sunday shift can carry over to Monday mornings. The ideal candidate would not have Monday morning commitments. The ideal candidate would have a mini van to use to pick up airport shipments.

Please fax your resume to: (800) 307-8842
Email your resume to: