CLEARWATER PAPER Hiring Pool - Labor Pool in NEENAH, Wisconsin

JOB REQUIREMENTS: Inspection and safe preparation of new parent paper rolls. Requires lifting 40 to 50 pound core chunks, overhead crane operations, slabbing and disposing of used paper rolls, stacking and banding of spent rolls, and associated paperwork. Additional duties may include monitoring and filling 15 pound glue totes, basic equipment changeovers in the winder and wrapper areas, assuring quality products from parent rolls to rolls coming from the log saw. Loading and unloading 15 pound saw blades. Exercises safe operation of all equipment, communication with team members on any machine issues, material changes, or quality conditions. Performs basic equipment repairs and cleaning, production changeovers, and routine maintenance. ***** OTHER EXPERIENCE AND QUALIFICATIONS: Two years or more of continuous full-time work with a single employer within the past four years preferred. Able to work shifts including nights, weekends, and holidays. Normal mobility, manual dexterity, normal visual and auditory ability. Able to lift up to 50 pounds and utilize assisting devices for heavier lifting. ***** APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: Apply Online: