Vanderbilt University Medical Center Research Assistant II in Nashville, Tennessee

Research Assistant II with experience in animal care and acquired lab skills needed to perform experiments studying cellular and molecular mechanisms of inflammation.

Key Functions and Expected Performances:

  1. Understand and follow experimental protocols (including animal handling and tissue culture), record, compile, and report data, analyze and interpret results.

  2. Under moderate supervision plan and prepare experimental protocols, perform and evaluate experiments.

  3. Under minimal supervision work with breeding and maintenance of mice colonies.

  4. Under minimal supervision work with mouse models to evaluate new therapeutics.

  5. Under minimal supervision perform experimental work using cell culture techniques.

  6. Perform stoichiometric calculations involving molar and % (v/v, m/v) concentration as well as serial dilutions.

  7. Perform various immuno-assays including western blotting (WB), co-immunoprecipitation (CoIP), immunohistochemistry (IHC), immunofluorescence, cytokine bead array (CBA).

  8. Maintain complete and well-organized documentation and databases for samples collected and tested from multiple studies.

  9. Maintain inventories, maintain sterile conditions as required, prepare reagents, and clean equipment.

  10. Assist in laboratory operation and inventory maintenance.

  11. Provide appropriate written documentation of experiments and maintain up to date lab notebook.

  12. Prepare preliminary research progress reports.

  13. Conduct laboratory maintenance duties as needed.

  • Successful candidate will be responsible for working with mice, this includes: breeding, treatment via IP injections or surgically inserted osmotic pumps, frequent blood collections and processing, harvesting organs or isolation organ-specific cells; and performing euthanasia

  • Successful candidate will be also responsible for performing immuno-assays including: cytokine levels by cytometric bead arrays (CBA), Co-Immunoprecipitation (CoIP), determination of cytosolic and nuclear protein levels by Western Blot (WB), immunohistochemistry (IHC), and immunofluorescence assay.

  • Successful candidate will also run basic laboratory operations; maintain cell culture room, refrigerator, and cold room space.

Job requires Bachelor's and 2 years of experience or the equivalent.

The optimal candidate should have minimum 2 years hands-on experience of working with murine models of autoimmune or metabolic inflammation. Candidate must possess good interpersonal communication skills, a strong work ethic, and ability to work independently. Candidate should be able to keep up-to date records, process and analyze data using available software, and prepare figures and tables for publication. Candidate is expected to become familiar and utilize laboratory equipment: centrifuges, pH meters, spectrophotometer, autoclave, electrophoresis units, analytical balance, cell culture hoods, and incubators.

Job Research

Organization: Allergy/Pulmonary 104383

Title: Research Assistant II

Location: TN-Nashville-Medical Center North (MCN)

Requisition ID: 1705346