Vanderbilt University Medical Center Registered Nurse First Assist - Peri-Op float pool in Nashville, Tennessee

Assists the surgeon in the operative procedure. Initiates appropriate intra operative behaviors unique to first assisting. Applies knowledge of surgical anatomy, physiology, and operative technique relative to operative procedures. Conducts pre-operative assessment of patient needs, and family education. Maintains a sterile environment. For more information regarding the physical requirements and environmental conditions for this job, please click here. at .

Key Functions and Expected Performances:

  1. Core Accountabilities

a. Organizational Impact: Delivers projects/assignments that have a direct impact on goals/objectives of the unit/department that the job is in.

b. Problem Solving/Complexity of Work: Conducts extensive analysis of situations or data to resolve numerous, complex issues; may involve the input/work of others.

c. Breadth of Knowledge: Has in-depth level of knowledge within a professional area and working knowledge of other areas.

d. Team Interaction: May lead mid-sized projects; coaches and guides team members.

  1. Key Responsibilities

a. Applies the nursing process in all facets of the nurse assistant role.

b. Provides technical first assistance to the primary surgeon in the operating room and throughout the perioperative period.

c. Analyzes comprehensive information pertinent to the patient's care and management to determine nursing diagnosis.

d. Continually utilizes the nursing process to evaluate patient's progress towards goals and applies appropriate interventions to ensure effective outcomes.

e. Employs strategies to promote health and a safe and healthy environment.

  1. Core Capabilities: Supporting Colleagues

a. Develops Self and Others: Invests time, energy and enthusiasm in developing self/others to help improve performance and gain knowledge in new areas

b. Builds and Maintains Relationships: Maintains regular contact with key colleagues and stakeholders using formal and informal opportunities to expand and strengthen relationships

c. Communicates Effectively: Recognizes group interactions and modifies one's own communication style to suit different situations and audiences

  1. Core Capabilities: Delivering Excellent Services

a. Serves Others with Compassion: Seeks to understand current and future needs of relevant stakeholders and customizes services to better address them

b. Solves Complex Problems: Approaches problems from different angles; Identifies new possibilities to interpret opportunities and develop concrete solutions

c. Offers Meaningful Advice and Support: Provides ongoing support and coaching in a constructive manner to increase employees' effectiveness

  1. Core Capabilities: Ensuring High Quality

a. Performs excellent work: Engages regularly in formal and informal dialogue about quality; directly addresses quality issues promptly

b. Ensures continuous improvement: Applies various learning experiences by looking beyond symptoms to uncover underlying causes of problems and identifies ways to resolve them

c. Fulfills safety and regulatory requirements: Understands all aspects of providing a safe environment and performs routine safety checks to prevent safety hazards from occurring

  1. Core Capabilities: Managing Resources Effectively

a. Demonstrates Accountability: Demonstrates a sense of ownership, focusing on and driving critical issues to closure

b. Stewards Organizational Resources: Applies understanding of the departmental work to effectively manage resources for a department/area

c. Makes Data Driven Decisions: Demonstrates strong understanding of the information or data to identify and elevate opportunities

  1. Core Capabilities: Fostering Innovation

a. Generates New Ideas: Proactively identifies new ideas/opportunities from multiple sources or methods to improve processes beyond conventional approaches

b. Applies Technology: Demonstrates an enthusiasm for learning new technologies, tools, and procedures to address short-term challenges

c. Adapts to Change: Views difficult situations and/or problems as opportunities for improvement; actively embraces change instead of emphasizing negative elements

  1. Technical Capabilities

a. Operating Room Care: Demonstrates mastery of operating room care in practical applications of a difficult nature. Possesses sufficient knowledge, training, and experience to be capable of successfully delivering operating room care services without requiring support and instruction from others. Able to train and educate by setting the example, giving technical instruction, providing leadership, and generally raising the level of performance of others while on the job.

b. Nursing Patient Assessment & Evaluation: Demonstrates mastery of patient assessments and evaluations in practical applications of a difficult nature. Conducts primary care patient interviews and physical examinations. Conducts inquiry with a thorough series of questions when patients state an ailment or complaint in order to accurately identify and elaborate on the problem. Possesses sufficient knowledge, training, and experience to role model and coach less experienced peers.

c. Care Planning: Demonstrates ability to anticipate and plan for complex resource needs, identify discrete tasks, set priorities, schedule activities, meet deadlines, and organize work. Collaborates with members of the health care team to identify desired outcomes. Anticipates problems and obstacles before they arise. Able to adapt changes to patient care and area needs with minimal loss of disruption and loss of productivity. Develops creative ideas and takes innovative action to achieve planned goals and objectives. Possesses sufficient knowledge, training, and experience to role model and coach less experienced peers.

d. Nursing Patient Education: Possesses sufficient fundamental proficiency in providing patient education in practical applications of moderate difficulty.

e. Evidence-Based Practice: Demonstrates ability to integrate evidence from multiple sources and determine if a practice change should occur. Shares knowledge with peers and other clinical team members independently.

Job requires Graduate of an approved discipline specific program and 3 years of experience or the equivalent.

Licensure, Certification, and/or Registration (LCR):

Registered Nurse, Certified Nurse Operating Room

Job Registered Nurse - Critical Care

Organization: Peri-Op float pool 201034

Title: Registered Nurse First Assist - Peri-Op float pool

Location: TN-Nashville-Vanderbilt Hospital (VUH)

Requisition ID: 1610547