JOB REQUIREMENTS: 1600010D 1. Prepare and cook food properly and quickly following all required recipes in a timely manner. 2. Store food correctly using proper rotation and dating. 3. Perform and fill out duties listed on checklists and prep sheets. 4. Maintain sanitary standards before, during, and after service. 5. Determine inventory of food items and requisition from store room. 6. Set up equipment needed for preparation prior to service. 7. Maintain high quality level of food production and presentation. 8. Cleanliness, sanitation and personal hygiene. 9. Responsible for setting up station, breakdown, and all necessary advance prep. work 10. Put all food away that has been requisitioned from storeroom. 11. Prepare all food items according to recipe specifications. 12. Make sure coolers are cleaned, organized and locked after work is finished. 13. Bring to Chefs attention any items that are not fresh. 14. Make sure all food is prepared in order to maintain high standards. 15. Assist in control of food usage. 16. Perform other duties as assigned per Executive or Sous Chefs ***** OTHER EXPERIENCE AND QUALIFICATIONS: 1. Friendly and polite team member. 2. Must own a set of knives. 3. Ability to read micros orders. 4. Knowledge of basic prep functions (i.e. cleaning greens, prepping vegetables). 5. Knowledge of equipment and food. 6. Knowledge of proper cooking procedures. 7. Knowledge of proper knife handling and techniques. 8. Knowledge and basic comprehension of the English language. 9. Ability to work under pressure. 10. Ability to various shifts. 11. Ability to stand for long periods. ***** APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: Apply Online: