AEROTEK INC General Labor in MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin

JOB REQUIREMENTS: The General Laborer is responsible for being in a part of a production line. Their part of production is to shake large trays that weigh about 35lbs and separate the parts. There will be times they will need to flip over 35 lbs, so ability to this on 8-10 hour shift is crucial. The general laborer will shake these parts, sort them off and then hand them to the next phase of production. This Shake Out Laborer may need to grind or inspect the parts as well. This position is a redundant and physically demanding job. This person must be able to stand on their feet for 8-10 hours, bend, lift and flip 35 lbs consistently throughout their shift, and be able to keep up pace ***** OTHER EXPERIENCE AND QUALIFICATIONS: No previous experience needed. ***** APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: E-Mail a Rsum: Call For Appointment: 414-214-2701 This position is listed by a private employment agency. The agency is the legal employer. No fee will be charged of the job applicant.