General Motors Software Integration leader (SWIL) - GPS0000991 in Milford, Michigan

The Software Integration leader (SWIL) will be responsible for integrating both internally (GM) and externally (Supplier) developed software for a targeted build controller at a predefined release cadences and exercise technical direction over engineering support personnel both internally and externally assigned to a given controller. Will be the SWIL for a traction power inverter module (TPIM) controller that includes multiple processors and cores.

Key Responsibilities and Deliverables:

  • Integrate, communicate and build software for controller system releases and interim software builds
  • Controller supplier software interface; supplier software issue resolution, impact analysis, exceptions, PCE’s, CR task scheduling, CTRS items, anomalies and verification reviews
  • Assist development of Controller System Team software content and software anomaly corrections; communication with Software Strategists, other SWILS and using checklist per Controller PoE
  • Integration and verification testing of an integrated software build; compiler/linker/locator logs, C Source Code Parser log
  • Prepare software for production release; Software and calibration parts configuration managed, system calibrations provided and released to Lead Calibrator
  • Support collection of and support improvements to controller resources for a given software build
  • Resolution to ROM, RAM, and Throughput constraint issues
  • Resolution to software build proliferation issues, flash programming, INCA instrumentation and utility files
  • Participate in Controller Execution Team (CET) meetings
  • 100% on time for releases with First Time Quality (FTQ)
  • Adhere to all safety precautions and requirements and treat safety as the top priority

Required Skills and Experience:

  • BS Degree ME, EE or CE/CS Engineering required
  • Knowledge and 5+ years of experience in controller development and/or controller integration
  • Knowledge and 1+ years of experience integrating developed software
  • Knowledge and experience in control system integration and testing of hardware and software
  • High level of analytical ability where problems are unusual and difficult
  • High level of interpersonal skills to work independently and effectively with others
  • High level of oral and written communication skills
  • Appropriate interpersonal styles & communication methods to work effectively with business partners to meet mutual goals
  • Demonstrated technical and professional skills in job-related area
  • Knowledge of computer software as it pertains to engineering

Preferred Skills and Experience:

  • MS Degree ME, EE or CE/CS Engineering preferred
  • Experience with Powertrain (e.g. engine, hybrid, electric vehicle propulsion, transmission controls and/or integration
  • Knowledge of electronic module development, manufacturing and test engineering
  • DFSS Green Belt Certification
  • DFSS Black Belt Certification
  • RTC, eASEE, GDFRS, DPSTool, Controls PoE

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, age, sex, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, or protected veteran status.