Headquarters, Air Force Reserve Command Nondestructive Tester (Military Requirement) in Luke AFB, Arizona

Headquarters, Air Force Reserve Command
1 vacancy in the following location:
  • Luke AFB, AZ
Work Schedule is Full Time - Permanent

Opened Wednesday 11/30/2016 (7 day(s) ago)

** Closes Wednesday 12/7/2016 (0 day(s) away)

Job Overview

This is an Air Reserve Technician (ART) Enlisted position.

Air Reserve Technicians (ARTs) are part of the regular civil service and enjoy all the benefits granted to Federal employees in the competitive civil service. In addition, ARTs are required to maintain active membership in an Air Force Reserve unit so long as they occupy ART positions. As members of reserve units, ARTs receive on average one weekend of military training per month. In addition, they are eligible for 15 days active duty tour each year for which military leave is granted with full civilian pay. Air Force Reserve units and members are subject to immediate call to active duty in mobilization to meet a national emergency. THIS ANNOUNCEMENT MAY BE USED TO FILL UPCOMING LIKE POSITIONS DESCRIBED HEREIN. CERTIFICATES MAY BE ESTABLISHED AND USED FOR 90 DAYS AFTER THE CLOSING DATE OF THIS ANNOUNCEMENT.

Retired military are usually ineligible for membership in the Air Force Reserve. Retired military personnel who have active Air Force Reserve assignments may apply provided they show assignment (position and unit) on their application.

The GovernmentÂ’s most important asset is its people.


The primary purpose of this Air Reserve Technician (ART) enlisted position is to serve as a Nondestructive Tester, inspecting aerospace components, parts, and materials by applying the full range of ultrasonic, eddy current, radiographic, magnetic particle, liquid penetrate, or other accepted NDI processes in accordance with inspection guidelines. Additionally, this position may be established in a one-worker shop operation and, as such, be held fully and technically responsible for NDI function. Incumbent of this position will perform the following duties:

  • Use the ultrasonic-eddy current process to perform inspections of aerospace components, parts, and other materials for which inspection and/or acceptability standards are inadequate or not available.
  • Conduct industrial radiography (x-ray) test on aerospace components and parts.
  • Perform Magnetic Practicle/Fluorescent Penetrant inspections duties to detect and interpret the relevancy of flaws in metal parts.
  • Perform Spectrometric Oil Analysis Program (SOAP) work, operate, maintain and calibrate fluid analysis spectrometers.
  • Perform Complete Oil Breakdown Rate Analyzer (COBRA) work, operate COBRA unit, and set up, maintain, and calibrated COBRA equipment.
Travel Required
  • Occasional Travel
  • Incumbent may be required to fly in a military and/or commercial aircraft to perform temporary/permanent duty assignments.
Relocation Authorized
  • Yes
  • Permanent Change of Station (PCS) will be paid.
Job Requirements
Key Requirements
  • Must Be a United States Citizens
  • Incentives will not be offered
  • Must meet and maintain Air Force Reserve requirements.
  • Military AFSC and Grade: 2A772/TSgt (E-6)

A specific length of experience or training is not required. However, you must have had experience and/or training (military or civilian, paid or unpaid) of sufficient scope and quality to be able to perform the duties of the specific position for which you are applying. You must show that you have the experience as identified in the Job Elements listed below under 'How You Will be Evaluated' as they relate to the position for which you are applying. Since your rating will be based upon the information you supply in your application (resume), you should be as detailed as possible and use the following Job Elements as a guide to assist you in identifying your relevant work experience.

Job Elements: (A) --Ability to Do the Work of a Nondestructive Tester Without More Than Normal Supervision. Describe what degree of independence in your work have you been required to make decisions, plan nondestructive inspection (NDI) function, exercise initiative and utilize skills in carrying out nondestructive inspection work. (Screening Element). (B) --Ability to Use and Maintain Tools and Equipment--List the nondestructive inspection tools/equipment you have used in performing aircraft nondestructive inspection work. Describe how and what you used these for. (F) --Technical Practices--State trade theory or technical principals of the aircraft nondestructive inspection field. How have you used trade math in making computations for non-destructive inspections. (G) --Dexterity and Safety--Describe any safety training you have completed pertinent to the aircraft nondestructive inspection trade. Specify any accidents you may have had on the job in the last five years. (K) --Ability to Interpret Instructions, Specification, or Blueprints--Describe what kind of instructions, specifications or directives (i.e., mfg guides, catalogues, technical manuals, drawings/blueprints, etc.) that you had to follow and/or interpret in performing nondestructive inspection work. Include what degree you had to adapt to new and/or frequent changes in the same.(M)--Knowledge of Metals--Describe your knowledge of all metals required in performing nondestructive inspection work. Show how you can recognize or have some familiarity with characteristics, special properties, testing and treatment needed in working with various metals of the trade.


Position may or will require incumbent to: (1) Incumbent's regular assignments are primarily ART duties: however, the incumbent may be assigned some non-ART duties, generally not to exceed 30 percent of total responsibilities. (2) Work uncommon tours of duty. (3) Obtain and maintain the appropriate security clearance. (4) Meet and maintain Air Force Reserve military requirements. (5) This is a drug testing designated position. The incumbent will be subject to random testing for drug use. (6) Light to heavy lifting, up to 79 pounds. (7) Operate crane, truck, tractor or motor vehicle. (8) Work both inside and outside, around excessive heat and cold, humidity, dampness and chilling. (9) Work around excessive noise. (10) Work around dust, solvents, grease and oils. (11) Work around radiant and electrical energy; work on slippery or uneven walking surfaces, around machinery with moving parts, and on ladders or scaffolding. (12) Stooping, bending, reaching, and stretching, climbing in, or through aircraft. (13) Wears radiation monitoring devices, standard safety equipment, and protective clothing. *(14) *The Lautenberg Amendment to the gun control action of 1968, effective 30 September 1996, makes it a felony for those convicted of misdemeanor crimes of domestic violence to ship, transport, possess, or receive firearms or ammunition.

Security Clearance


Additional Information
What To Expect Next

Applications will be processed for rating after the close date of this announcement. Processing time for applications is several weeks from the close date of this announcement. Applicants will receive a Notice of Results (NOR) via Application Manager approximately 2 days after the announcement closes. The rating on this NOR will be based strictly on your answers to the questionnaire. You may receive another NOR via email once your application is rated by a Human Resources Specialist which may reflect a different rating or veterans' preference from the initial notice. Qualified candidates may be referred to the selecting official for further consideration.


The Department of Defense offers an excellent benefits program. In addition to your take-home pay, click here for an overview benefits currently offered to Federal employees.

Other Information
  • Candidates are encouraged to provide a copy of their military experience and training (VMET) documents with their resume in order to expedite recruitment efforts. Visit the 'Transition GPS (Goals, Plans, Success)' website https://www.dmdc.osd.mil/tgps/ to obtain this VMET information.
  • For more information visit the Air Force Special Examining Unit website at http://www.afrc.af.mil/AboutUs/JobOpportunities.aspx.
  • Individuals on active duty may apply 120 days before separation date and should indicate in their application their military separation date. Individuals with more than 120 days before separation date must submit with their application a letter, signed by their commanding officer, stating the individual will be released from active duty (Palace Chase) if they obtain an ART position. Reservists who are mobilized may submit a copy of their mobilization orders or a statement in their application stating they are available within 120 days.
  • Individual who have special priority selection rights under the Interagency Career Transition assistance Program (ICTAP) must rank in the Best or Highly qualified catergories to be considered well qualified for the position. Federal civilian employees seeking ICTAP eligibility must submit proof that they meet the requirement of 5 CFR 330.704. This includes a copy of the agency notice, a copy of the most recent Performance Rating, and a copy of the most recent SF-50 noting current position, grade level, and duty location. Please annotate your application to reflect that you are applying as an ICTAP eligible.
  • Spouses of active duty military members of the Armed Forces may receive preference in hiring under this announcement if they are among the best qualified referred and are within reach of selection. For information on military spouse preference, please refer to website http://www.opm.gov/policy-data-oversight/hiring-information/veterans-authorities. Please clearly identify in your application that you are asking for spouse preference.
  • All Federal Employees are required by PL 104-134 to have federal payments made by Direct Deposit.

Salary Range: $25.28 to $29.50 / Per Hour

Series & Grade: WG-3705-10/10

Promotion Potential: 10

Supervisory Status: No

Who May Apply: Applicant must be United States Citizens and be eligible and willing to join the USAF Reserve. For questions concerning military eligibility, please contact the Air Force Reserve Qualification Center at 1-800-257-1212.

Control Number: 457967300

Job Announcement Number: SEU-17-0149