Apex Systems, Inc SFDC Deployment Manager - 774693 in Lansing, Michigan

h3 class="job-company"Description/h3div id="description"uFor more information on this opportunity, please contact APEX Systems at 248.234.7006 or atoohey@apexsystemsinc.com/uEnvironment and release management processes ensure that Salesforce implementations follow the State of Michigan (SoM) – Enterprise Application Database, Change Release Transition Management Standard and Exception Process Procedures.uOVERVIEW/uOne of the most productive features of the Force.com platform is that customizations can be made directly in the Web user interface and become available to end users immediately. These kinds of changes do not require elaborate development tools or processes. From a release management standpoint, very little effort is required.A more involved upgrade, such as creating a new user interface for an existing application, requires an environment where you can isolate your development efforts from production users. Reintegrating the changes you make in your development environment back into the production organization introduces a new level of complexity to the development process, because your production organization may have changed during that same time. Release management at this level requires tracking changes between the various environments to make sure there are no clashes when you deploy.A complex application that affects all users might require multiple development and testing environments. This kind of long-term project can be further complicated by having concurrent projects on different development cycles, and could require several integrations before the application is deployed to production. In many cases, all of these development efforts happen simultaneously.Salesforce release management at SoM needs to:ulliProvide a sprint ready framework that is fit-for-purpose and agile/liliProvide a framework to allow for future more complex development processes/liliProvide a framework to support development and deployment of critical production defect fixes/liliProvide support for future testing environments that might be needed/liliProvide an isolated training environment with a process to refresh data/li/ulNormal Release PathFor planned releases the environments required to support a successful production deployment will be kept simple and provide the ability test the solution in isolation to changes being made in the development environment. This is the release path for the deployment of the regular release functionality.All tasks required to create a new sandbox environment or to deploy a release successfully to production are included in the Deployment Release Runsheet. This spreadsheet is owned by the development team and will be kept up to date with the activities needed for each release or deployment across environments.For release management the spreadsheet will cover information required to successfully deploy and backout a release to/from an environmentulliObject Type/liliObject Name/liliField/liliModified By/liliDate/li/ulFor deployments the spreadsheet will cover tasks and activities that are necessary to successfully deploy a release into a target environmentulliTask #/liliAssigned To/liliTask Summary/liliStart Date/Time/liliEnd Date Time/liliEstimated Duration/liliActual Duration/liliComments/Detail/li/ulAgencies must share the above details with CAD CoE.h2a name="_Toc488337492"/a1.1.Re