Wa State Department of Ecology General Permit Data Specialist/Permit Administrator in Lacey, Washington

The Water Quality Program (WQP) within the Department of Ecology is looking to fill a General Permit Data Specialist/Permit Administrator (Environmental Specialist 3) position. This position is located in our Headquarters building in Lacey, WA. The General Permit Data Specialist/Permit Administrator is responsible for entering permit related data into the water quality permit database (PARIS), conducting quality assurance reviews of general permit-related data, issuing general permit-related permit coverages, transfers, and terminations, and providing assistance to permit holders. We are looking for applicants who possess excellent people skills, the ability to quickly assess a situation and make a decision and the ability to communicate with a diverse audience. We are also looking for people who are proficient with databases and have an eye for detail. As an agency, we invest in our employees to create and sustain a working environment that encourages creative leadership, effective resource management, teamwork, professionalism and accountability. Maybe you've seen some of our recent stories on Twitter , Facebook , Instagram or our blog . The mission of the Water Quality Program is to protect and restore Washington's waters to sustain healthy watersheds and communities. Our work ensures that state waters support beneficial uses including recreational and business activities, supplies for clean drinking water, and the protection of fish, shellfish, wildlife, and public health. Some of the key work activities of the General Permit Data Specialist/Permit Administrator include: Water quality permit administration and review: Reviews Construction and Industrial Stormwater general permit applications for technical accuracy and compliance with regulatory requirements. Works with the applicants/permittees to resolve administration issues such as incomplete or erroneous information and conducts conflict resolution, as needed. Assures the quality of application, transfer or termination paperwork by reviewing for completeness and accuracy. Recommends permit coverage, obtains permit numbers and codes information into the database. Works with agency and non-agency sources on data submittals to PARIS and evaluates permit data for analysis. Evaluates data to determine technical compliance with regulatory requirements of assigned permits. Entering permit-related information into our database: Evaluates relevant water quality permitting system/database (PARIS) information for analysis, completeness, and accuracy. Logs annual reports and other submittals into the database. Keeps pace with the rate of incoming administrative paperwork. Reviewing industrial and construction stormwater general permit submittals (or non-submittals) for accuracy and noncompliance: Investigates and acts on suspicious or unusual data. Reviews Construction and Industrial Stormwater General Permit data entered each month and produces a list for subsequent investigations. Contacts noncompliant permittees through phone calls, letters, and other formal or informal enforcement measures as appropriate. Provides timely an