Washington State Economic Analyst 3 (EA3 In-training 0343) Lacey in Lacey, Washington


This recruitment is open until filled. Applicant review begins on October 31, 2016. The hiring authority reserves the right to make a hiring decision at any time.

The Labor Market and Performance Analysis (LMPA) division of the Employment Security Department (ESD) is recruiting for an Economic Analyst 3 (EA3). This position reports directly to the Program Evaluation, Research and Analysis (PERA) Manager, and is part of the PERA team responsible for conducting evaluations, research and analysis of workforce development programs. This position also collaborates in identifying and estimating agricultural prevailing wages and employment practices and normal and common employment practices. These activities directly support the mission of ESD with the results of the evaluations, research or analysis, which assist ESD to partner to connect employers and job seekers, supporting transitions to new jobs and empowering careers.

Please Note:This position is an Economic Analyst 3 in-training and can be filled at any of the following levels depending on the applicant's qualifications. The incumbent will be required to complete a 12-month training plan in order to promote to the next level (from EA2 up to the EA3). Salary ranges for these levels are:

  • Economic Analyst 2: $48,060 - $63,036 annually depending on qualifications
  • Economic Analyst 3: $55,728 - $73,140 annually depending on qualifications Duties

This position will perform the following duties at the EA3 goal class:

  • Direct and oversee program evaluation including researching, measuring, estimating, analyzing, and forecasting economic, employment, or labor market behavior, impacts, or trends.
  • Apply and adapt spreadsheet, database, and statistical software packages to store, organize, simulate, and evaluate economic data.
  • Gather, input, prepare and clean raw data to use in analyses, forecasts, and program activities. Extract and share data with customers according to their business needs and confidentiality requirements. Per Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) or other guidelines, suppress protected information to maintain confidentiality.
  • Using statistical software programming languages, mathematical models, descriptive and advanced inferential statistical techniques, and economic theory, principles, and techniques, analyze data and interpret results to produce estimates or projections, or identify economic or employment trends. Apply analysis and results to program area to identify policy or program issues. Identify, measure, and predict economic indicators based on trends.
  • Forecast economic variables and outcomes of multiple economic conditions. Use model evaluation techniques to test and improve forecasts.
  • Update and maintain clear and detailed documentation of all standard work procedures and processes of the position.
  • Assist in developing and applying agency or division writing and presentation standards.
  • Using word processing, spreadsheet, database, and statistical software programming languages, write narrative research reports or portions of reports describing data sets, analysis methodology, and study conclusions. Reports are based on descriptive and inferential statistical analyses, as well as additional related research or data, and include an interpretation of the data and how it applies to certain issues. Qualifications

Required qualifications:

  • Working-level knowledge of math and statistics.
  • Working-level analytical skill - use logic and reasoning to assess data, form logical conclusions, evaluate options, and make decisions or recommendations.
  • Working-level research skill - identify, collect, organize, and document data in ways that make the information most useful for assessment, analysis, investigation, and drawing conclusions.
  • Working-level writing skill - convey information in writing according to the needs of the audience. Additional requirement:

  • Demonstrated ability to use specialized software (for example, SAS, R or SQL) to collect data from large databases (big data or internal databases), create data sets for econometric or statistical analysis and conduct econometric or statistical analysis, including occupational estimates and economic and employment projections. Supplemental Information

Attach the following documents to your on-line application (through the Add Attachment(s) field):

  • Resume
  • Letter of interest
  • A writing sample demonstrating your ability to consolidate, summarize, and analyze data into reports or papers. Include the date, authors and proportion of the paper that you authored.

A resume will not substitute for the "work experience" section of the application.

Applications with comments such as "see attachments" or "N/A" in the supplemental question responses will be considered incomplete.

General suggestions for creating a good application packet:

  • Read the job posting very carefully. Find out as much as you can about the position.
  • Make sure you are very diligent in following all the application instructions. Include all requested documentation.
  • Make sure your application and supplemental question responses address how you meet each of the required and desired qualifications.
  • Carefully read each of the supplemental questions and respond completely to each one. Pay careful attention to each component of the question, providing examples, and thoroughly describing when and where you achieved the proficiency level, and detail the types of work you performed, the work products, etc., to demonstrate 'how'.
  • Specifically include all of your work experiences doing the same or similar work, especially if you reference work in these jobs in describing when/where you gained proficiency level skills.
  • Make sure your application reflects your best writing.

Other Information As a condition of employment, the successful candidate accepting this position must comply with the Union Security clause contained in the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the State of Washington and the Washington Federation of State Employees.

For inquiries about this opportunity, please contact the Recruitment Team at 360-902-9560 or HRRecruiting@esd.wa.gov.

Individuals with disabilities needing assistance in the application process or needing this job announcement in an alternate format should provide their contact information via e-mail or telephone.

Employment Security Department is an equal-opportunity employer and provider of employment and training services. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities. Washington Relay Service–711.

If you are having technical difficulties creating, accessing or completing your application, please contact careershelp@des.wa.gov or (360) 664-1960 or toll free (877) 664-1960.

Job Type: Full Time - Permanent

Job Number: 2016-07473

Department: Employment Security Department

Agency: State of Washington

Address: View Job Posting for Agency Information View Job Posting for Location, Washington, 98504.

Website: http://www.careers.wa.gov

Salary: $48,060.00 - $73,140.00 Annually

Location: Thurston County – Lacey, WA