HCA, Hospital Corporation of America Associate Professor Doctorate - Nurse Practitioner (RN NP) in Kansas City, Missouri

Research College of Nursing

Position Description

/Faculty/ Faculty rank, which is instructor, assistant professor, associate professor or professor, is initially assigned based on education and experience.

Teaching Role:All faculty should fully realize that their most important function within the College is teaching.

  1. Teaching competence/excellence requires: a.Utilization of standards of care b.Integration of concepts that reflect the current health care delivery system c.Development of alternate teaching strategies d.Provision of constructive feedback to the student e.Functioning as a role model 2.Faculty is responsible for developing, implementing, and evaluating courses; and ensuring that courses meet student learning outcomes. 3.Faculty utilizes student, self and peer evaluations to monitor and maintain course quality.

Scholarly/Research Activities: Faculty is expected to become involved in scholarly endeavors. Examples include: 1.Participation in research activities, review of literature for publication and/or self-enhancement, clinical investigations, and grant writing 2.Written articles submitted and/or accepted for publication in professional journals, oral/poster presentation of research, presentation at seminars, and review of potential publications 3.Pursuit of higher educational degree(s), certifications and continuing education relevant to nursing and health care and specialty area 4.Development and testing of creative teaching/learning activities

Service Activities: Service activities are an integral part of the academic life of faculty. Service contributes to the overall mission of the College and the growth of the individual. Examples may include: 1.College Service Activities a.Committee membership b.Special designated projects (reports, task forces, etc.) c.Alumni activities d.Recruitment activities

  1. Community Service Activities a.Professional volunteer for lay organizations b. CPR instructor

  2. Professional Service Activities a.Participates in professional organizations b.Leadership role in professional organizations c.Development and promotion of governmental policy that improves nursing and health care delivery systems

  3. Student Service Activities a.Student advisement b.Role model/Mentor c.Participate in SGA/RSNA activities

Student Advisement:Faculty, as advisors, plays a pivotal role in students’ academic and career development. Responsibilities of advisement include:** a.Helping students clarify their values and educational goals b.Helping students understand the nature and purposes of a liberal arts education and professional nursing education c.Providing accurate information about option requirements, policies and procedures d.Helping students plan an education program consistent with their interests, abilities, and career expectations e.Assisting students in monitoring and evaluating their educational progress f.Integrating the many resources of the institution(s) to meet students’ special educational needs and aspirations

g.Reviewing HESI exam scores with students and give guidance for success on NCLEX

Qualifications: * Doctorate in nursing or related field * Master’s of science in nursing * Active certification as a nurse practitioner * Active RN licensure, that has never been disciplined in any jurisdiction, to practice professional nursing in Missouri * Minimum three years full-time teaching at the rank of instructor or three years in role of advanced practice registered nurse

Title: Associate Professor Doctorate - Nurse Practitioner (RN NP)

Location: Missouri-Kansas City-Research College of Nursing

Requisition ID: 03123-36961