Louisiana Department of State Civil Service PSYCHIATRIC AIDE SUPERVISOR 1 in Jackson, Louisiana



$1,598.13 - $3,233.00 Monthly

$9.22 - $18.65 Hourly

$1,598.13 - $3,233.00 Monthly


Jackson, LA

Jackson, LA

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DVA-LA War Veterans Home

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10/26/2016 11:59 PM Central

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No Civil Service test score is required in order to be considered for this vacancy.

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For further information about this vacancy contact:

Louisiana War Veterans' Home

Attn: Krystal Nettles

4739 Hwy. 10

Jackson, La. 70748

phone: (225)634-5265 ext. 252

fax: (225)634-4057



Three years of experience in psychiatric patient care or in providing care, guidance or training to the developmentally disabled, physically disabled or chemically dependent.


College training with at least six semester hours per year in one or a combination of education, psychology, counseling, social work, sociology, child guidance, or nursing will substitute for the required experience on the basis of thirty semester hours for one year of experience.

A Mental Health Aide Diploma from a vocational technical college with an approved curriculum from the Louisiana State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education will substitute for six months of the required experience.


Most vacancies will be filled by promotion. Completion of an in-service training program administered by the department may be required.

Job Concepts

Function of Work:

To perform highly responsible non-professional nursing support work, which involves supervising lower-level paraprofessional healthcare staff.

Level of Work:


Supervision Received:

General from a Psychiatric Aide Supervisor 2 and/or from other healthcare personnel.

Supervision Exercised:

Direct over lower-level paraprofessional healthcare staff.

Location of Work:

State health care facilities and rehabilitation centers.

Job Distinctions:

Differs from the Psychiatric Aide 3 by the presence of supervisory responsibilities.

Differs from the Psychiatric Aide Supervisor 2 by the absence of supervisory responsibilities over several wards. Psychiatric Aide Supervisor 1 positions serve as first-line supervisors.

Examples of Work

Supervises lower-level paraprofessional healthcare staff providing therapeutic and environmental care of patients on a ward during an assigned shift.

Gives report at change of shift.

Assigns and performs routine nursing duties such as taking vital signs, assisting with treatments, diabetic urine tests, etc.

Assigns duties and maintains a safe and sanitary environment for patients; assists in cleaning physical surroundings, furnishings, and equipment in patient care area.

Documents on patient's chart pertinent behavior, or incidents (accidents or injuries) or any complaints made by patients, and reports such to supervisor.

Assists in patient management utilizing therapeutic intervention techniques; restrains hostile and physically violent patients when necessary.

Makes rounds to check patient's presence and checks for compliance with safety, sanitation, and therapeutic environment.

Interacts with patients as a therapeutic function.

Reports condition of patients to appropriate professional personnel.

Conducts groups in therapeutic activities such as reality orientation and re-motivation.

Maintains awareness of patients' whereabouts at all times, reports appropriately, and assists in the search and return of eloped patients.

Provides constant visual and intensive care for extremely suicidal, combative, or disturbed patients to assure safety and well being of the patients; documents appropriately.

Orients patients to environment and reviews patients' rights; is responsible for admission, transfer, and discharge procedures.

Maintains specific forms as required by the facility.

Assist in emergency situations.

Performs duties of any lower level psychiatric aide as necessary.