Masimo Corporation [ENGINEERING] Research Assistant in Irvine, California

[ENGINEERING] Research Assistant

Position Location:CA, Irvine

Job Code Posting:2811


Masimo (NASDAQ: MASI) headquartered in Irvine, California, is a fast-growing and award-winning international medical technology and device company with operations spanning the globe. We develop innovative, noninvasive monitoring technologies that save, extend and improve the lives of people of all ages, in all walks of life. These revolutionary technologies are helping to solve "unsolvable" problems that have plagued the healthcare industry, while taking the pain and discomfort out of blood monitoring. For more than 25 years, innovation has been and will continue to be our passion.

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Job Summary

A Research Assistant is responsible for supporting and running biomedical experiments in cancer research with the focus on cells in vitro and rodents in vivo. Main skills required include maintaining different cell cultures (especially cancer), preparing and characterizing cellular specimen and samples. Animal experience required: hands on experience and certification for mice: xenograft tumors, tail injection, and vital surgery. To prepare, perform and document experiments in vitro and in vivo. To manage the lab supplies and keep the supplies and safety records.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Maintain cell cultures requiring the use of sterile techniques, low temperature storage, sawing, culturing, characterization and sample preparation.

  • Solid experience with cancer cell lines

  • Familiar with cell culturing in various modern systems (such as Ibidi cell systems)

  • Prepare cell samples including the incubations of cells with various substances.

  • Record keeping for tracking methods, data, results, etc. forpreparing research and technical reports and other

  • Animal experience required: hands on experience and certification for mice: xenograft tumors, tail injection, and vital surgery.

  • Maintaining laboratory equipment (incubator, bio-hood, centrifuge, microscope).

  • Ensuring and maintaining the biosafety (BSL-2 level) in the lab.

  • Managing the stock control of laboratory supplies, chemicals and equipment.

  • Ensuring that equipment is properly cleaned and that chemicals, drugs and other materials are appropriately stored.

  • Waste management

  • Ensuring that all health and safety procedures are understood and followed correctly.

  • Ability toefficiently work in a small team.

Minimum Qualifications​

  • Solid (3 years or more) experience in performing standard laboratory procedures with live cells (such as maintaining cell cultures requiring the use of sterile technique, incubation cells with nanoparticles or drugs and preparing slides using staining techniques) and mice (xenograft tumor models, tail injection, vital surgery and tumor measurements). Cell counts. Cell viability and concentration measurements.

  • Solid skills in cell storage, sawing, culturing, characterization

  • Solid experience with optical microscopes in cell studies

  • Solid bio-safety skills at the BSL2 level

  • Solid skills of using different laboratory equipment used in cell level experiments such as optical/fluorescent microscopes, centrifuges, etc. and the ability to maintain and calibrate technical equipment.

  • Good IT skills to use computers for data collection, analysis and storage

  • Ability to organize data into reports of the manuscript type (with figures, tables and text)

  • Strong practical and organizational skills with the ability to manage own workload in order to work on several different projects at the same time.

  • Good communication and team workings skills, the ability to effectively interface within a cross-functional team environment and patience.

  • The ability to learn specific, practical techniques and apply this knowledge to solve technical problems. Attention to details.

  • Dedication to the goal.

Preferred Qualifications​

  • PhD or MS in biosciences, i.e. biotechnology, materials science/technology, biomedical engineering, pharmacology, biomedical optics, etc.

  • Experience in the biomedical optics and laser-based cell research

  • Ability to perform assays for protein, RNA, DNA, or other cellular components.

  • Care for laboratory animals. Hands on skills and past certification for handling mice (modeling tumors, tail injection, vital surgery).

  • Experience in setup and control of the cell culturing lab.


Bachelors of Science degree in biosciences, i.e. biotechnology, materials science/technology, biomedical engineering, pharmacology, etc. required. Advanced degree preferred.

Physical requirements/Work Environment

This position primarily works in a laboratory and an office environment. It requires frequent sitting, standing and walking. Daily use of a computer and other computing and digital devices is required. May stand for extended periods when facilitating meetings or walking in the facilities. Some local travel is necessary, so the ability to operate a motor vehicle and maintain a valid Driver’s license is required.

The physical demands of the position described herein are essential functions of the job and employees must be able to successfully perform these tasks for extended periods. Reasonable accommodations may be made for those individuals with real or perceived disabilities to perform the essential functions of the job described.

We are proud to offer if eligible a highly competitive compensation plan with an excellent benefits package including 3 weeks vacation, stock options, 401k match, medical, dental, vision plans and much more!

Masimo is an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission / Affirmative Action employer, We encourage Minorities, Females, Disabled and Veterans to apply.