HCA, Hospital Corporation of America Coordinator Front Desk Urgent Care in Highlands Ranch, Colorado


_Customer Service_ * Monitors each patient representative to ensure they are giving exceptional customer service to each patient * Leads by example and is a positive role model * Promptly addresses below standard customer service * Builds quality relationships with patients and employees * Participates in and supports methods of measuring patient satisfaction * Upholds HCA policies and procedures * Seeks opportunities to give positive recognition when appropriate * Ensures that all employees understand that the patient in the clinic is our top priority at all times, helps ensure the patient’s wait in the clinic is 60 minutes or less. * Responds appropriately to customer concerns and attempts to handle complaints at clinic level when possible * Ensures our occupational clients are made a top priority in the clinic and that all staff members are following the company preference card

_Staffing of Front Desk Personnel_ * Ensures each team member is properly trained and capable of working independently as a productive team member * Creates monthly front desk schedule that is fair, ensures it is posted by the required due date, and also adjusts schedules in a timely manner * Proactively works to fill open shifts, and has a back-up plan in place by required deadline * Communicates staffing needs in a timely manner * Ensures overtime is kept to a minimum and approved OT is within budget. * Helps manage efficiencies by adjusting schedules promptly * Holds PRN staff Accountable to work the monthly hourly requirement for PRN employees * Schedule changes after it is posted will only occur after the Front Desk Coordinator has asked the employee, the employee agrees to the change, and the employee fills out a schedule change form * Holds all staff accountable to uphold the requirements to work all shifts (days, evenings and weekends)

  • Holds staff accountable to be on time for all scheduled shifts
  • Ensures staff participates in mandatory weekend on call rotations (once implemented)

Planning and Administration

  • If wait times are not averaging an A or a B for the week the Front Desk Coordinator will help investigate reasons and prepare for a wait time meeting
  • Helps plan/participate in customer service meeting when scores are low. Develops and implements strategies to raise scores
  • Is responsible for ordering all office supplies and maintaining equipment
  • Ensures HIPAA rules are followed. Ensures all HIPAA bins remain locked at all times and are emptied nightly
  • Ensures all HIPAA forms are completed in compliance with policies, rules and regulations
  • Oversees medical information requests. Must ensure staff is properly trained on releasing medical records. This includes attorney’s office request or any third party request that should be given out by the medical records department__
  • Ensures that all staff members protect the patient’s identity and PHI
  • Oversees deposits and control logs
  • Works closely with Practice Manager, Providers and other staff to ensure quality patient care is given to all
  • Relays pertinent information to Practice Manager in a timely and effective manner regarding personnel problems
  • Supervises entire operations of the front desk in assigned clinic
  • Ensures that employees complete all logs properly. Inspect these logs on a daily basis and immediately handle any issues with logs
  • Oversees implementation of new and procedures at the clinic level
  • Interviews and makes recommendation to Practice Manager for hiring of quality patient representatives
  • Monitors wait times and efficiency while at the clinic and give direction as needed to ensure patients have a positive and timely experience
  • Ensures assigned clinic is neat, clean and organized
  • Helps prepare reminders and staff meeting agenda. Attends and participates in all clinic staff meeting
  • .In the event of inclement weather the Front Desk Coordinator should keep in close contact with the clinic and staff to help give direction


  • Leads by example and is a positive role model

  • Ensures each member feels valued and respected
  • Communicates professionally, effectively and gives clear instructions
  • Downloads information from management meetings promptly
  • Continuously monitors the flow of patients. Frequently help verify insurance, check in and check out patients to maintain patient flow

  • Be flexible with your weekly work schedule, you will be required to work at least one weekend shift a month. During busier times (school physical and flu season) or whenever asked. Work the hours needed to ensure all duties are complete and to help the staff feel supported.

  • Monitors daily flow and wait times reports to ensure clinic is operating in an efficient manner. Each day, review the wait time report from the prior evening. If indicated, do research to help assess areas that may need improvement. Work with the Practice Manager and Doctors to solve wait times problems.
  • Help the Practice Manager monitor the patient queue and nurse voice mail to ensure that the patients are receiving return calls in a timely manner
  • Ensures that staff is answering phones within the third ring, using proper phone etiquette and using the standard script
  • Ensures that the 24 hour call backs are being done daily
  • Ensures guidelines and rules are followed for requesting PTO. Takes the needs of the clinic into consideration when planning or approving PTO
  • Is consistently optimistic and motivating to staff members
  • Holds employees accountable to make the clinic successful
  • Does not initiate, tolerate or participate in gossip. Does not allow non-medical discussion of patients to take place
  • Gives regular written feedbacks on performance and promptly speaks to employees who are not performing well
  • Trains, monitors and signs off new hire patient representatives. Must work two nights and one weekend shift with the new hire during theirtraining
  • Recognizes training needs of employees and collaborates with Practice Manager, to plan and implement an action plan
  • Listens to staff when issues arise. Research concerns and follow up with employee promptly
  • Delegates tasks to clinic employees as appropriate
  • Ensures patient representatives adhere to dress code guidelines
  • Supports, follows and enforces the policies and procedures _ _ _Clerical Tasks___
  • Ensures the reps know how to enter notes from patient phone calls into the EMR system for the nurse to do follow-up with the patient
  • Ensures patient representatives know how to choose correct company protocol
  • Returns patient/company calls and emails promptly
  • Ensures all billing office requests, medical records, filing, and cash management procedures are completed daily
  • Oversees documentation is completed per Incident Reporting protocol
  • Reviews all mail and distributes appropriately, delegating as needed
  • Maintains and updates patient representative binders
  • Familiar with the business reports sent to you and utilizes as a resource
  • Ensures that all employees read and sign weekly reminders and memos
  • Ensuresall front desk forms are updated periodically or as needed
  • Assists Practice Manager with all front desk staff evaluations/reviews. Provide scores and feedback on each one
  • Manages time effectively; stays productively busy at all times

_Oversee Physical Assets of Clinic_ * Ensures that clinic is always open on time and that all opening duties are completed * Ensures lobby checks are completed every 60 minutes and as needed. Coffee should be changed at 8am, 12pm, 3pm, 7pm and as needed * Inspects and updates all postings and signage on a regular basis. Report defects or needed changes in a timely manner to your Practice Manager * Ensures that clinic equipment is in good working order, call for repair if needed and notify Practice Manager immediately * Promptly reports any power outage or front desk equipment failure and follows downtime procedures that are in place * Oversee clinic exterior (i.e. lights, landscaping, parking lot) report problems to the Practice Manager immediately_ * Monitors cleaning of clinic by outside cleaning services daily. Works with Practice Manager to ensure issues are corrected immediately with the cleaning company _ * Communicates maintenance needs to Practice Manager__

_Employee Advocate_ * Conducts re-training as needed for any employee to ensure that employees know how to manage the flow of patients to keep wait times low and web check-in effective * Is nurturing to employee’s needs by helping to find coverage for a shift in the event the employee has an illness or emergency * Clearly and professionally communicates employee expectations * Helps employees to stay committed to their positions and lead by example
* Ensures employee satisfaction by completing One on Ones with your direct reports * Relieves patient representatives (when applicable) for a 30 minute lunch break * Encourages employee to do his/her very best, work hard and take pride in his/her performance

  • Holds employees Accountable to make sure all certifications/training is complete and turned in on time
  • Assures a safe work environment. Report all incidents to the appropriate person/department _ _ _ _ _Admission Skills_
  • Ensures that all patients are greeted courteously with a smile, promptly and within 60 seconds
  • Ensures that each patient representative is verifying and explaining benefits accurately and according to rules set in place
  • Ensures patient representatives are collecting properly to result in low private pay roll for the clinic
  • Ensures that all patient representatives are having patients sign for their responsibility on the payment notification form and also that patients fully understands their benefits
  • Ensures the Web Check-In guidelines are being followed. Monitors for compliance of the Web check in policy
  • Ensures that patient representatives are quoting wait times appropriately and offering pagers and/or obtaining patient cell phone numbers
  • Ensures patient representatives are always following the triage policy
  • Helps check in and check out all patients in an expedient manner to ensure flow goes well and wait times are as low as possible. Offers to take cell phone number as needed to allow the patient to wait outside clinic
  • Ensures patient representatives are handing out appropriate forms and when received from the patient they are completely filled out
  • Ensures patient representatives understand the importance of checking in each patient correctly and how it affects billing and collections
  • Ensures patient representatives understand how to choose the correct company protocol during the check in process
  • Ensures patient representatives are obtaining proper Authorization to treat work injuries or conduct pre-employment services
  • Ensures patient representatives are following all the close out procedures

_Training and Education_ * Attends and participates in meetings and other mandatory classes

· Be willing to take the DOT Drug Screen and BAT class and become certified to help do these tests
  • Maintains all current certifications
  • Participates in mock codes, fire and disaster drills
  • Follows all federal, state, and local laws and statutes
  • Follows OSHA, infection control, hand hygiene, and safety guidelines
  • Reads and implements all policy changes, memos, weekly reminders and other communication

_Interpersonal Relations_ * Maintains an Optimistic attitude at all times * Attends company events that are planned for employees and their families* * Supports clinic promotional advertising by signing up to help at events as needed or when asked* * Treats guests, patients, physicians and other employees with compassion and respect * Maintains strict confidentiality and preserves the dignity of others * Maintains positive working relationships with all management and other departments * Supports and actively collaborates with other Front Desk Coordinators to ensure the success of the entire Front Desk team _ _ _ _ _Teamwork_ * Setsa positive example for the front desk; promotes teamwork and learning * Takes responsibility to solve the problem rather than place the blame. Does not become defensive when potential problems are discussed and uses those opportunities to make improvement * Creates an environment of collaboration within the clinic and the company as a whole * Encourages a team environment * Encourages staff to work together as a team and help out by floating to other clinics. Encourages staff to help at on-sites and at promotional events * Helps ensure employees keep a positive attitude toward the company, the patients and the work they do * Ensures that employees are cross trained to help other departments within the clinic * Willingly accepts additional responsibility

_Communication (Oral and Written)_ * Maintains professionalism in all communication * Relays all changes and requests in a positive manner * Promptly and appropriately discuss concerns with employees involved in a courteous and respectful manner * Relays pertinent information to Practice Manager in a timely manner. * Assists the Center Manager with completion of disciplinary warnings including creating and delivering warnings to employees


Knowledge of CareNow Procedures High school graduate or equivalent Must have proficient computer skills Must have good listening skills Must be proficient in typing, the use of email, and general knowledge of Word and Excel Knowledge of general office machines Skilled in customer relations Able/willing to work all required hours Good verbal and written communication skills Must be committed to the success of the clinic and the company Open to change and is flexible with work schedule

Title: Coordinator Front Desk Urgent Care

Location: Colorado-Highlands Ranch-HealthOne CareNow-Countyline

Requisition ID: 24941-525