Adler Lumber, Inc. General Laborers in Gwinn, Michigan

Must be able to wear Personal Protective Equipment appropriate to the task assigned. Performs multiple tasks on a daily basis. May be required to unstack lumber from kiln packs or tight piles to the Planer In-Feed chain, stack recovered stickers into carts for banding, stack green or dry lumber onto carts from the Planer Sorting Chain, unstack green or dry lumber from bundles and feed the Resaw, stack lumber from the Resaw Sorting Chain into carts, adjust Chopsaw stops to appropriate position, unstack green or dry lumber from packages to the Chopsaws, stack lumber from the Chopsaws to carts, manually stamp lumber with mill stamp, sweep floors, pick-up loose or broken boards, band bundles coming from the Planer line, Resaw Line, or Chopsaws, perform manual shakedown of Bag House bags, replace Bag House bags, and perform general housekeeping duties. Responsible for sundry other jobs as may be assigned by management. LANGUAGE SKILLS: Must be able to understand and carry out simple instructions given orally or in writing in the English language. Must be able to communicate effectively with co-workers. REACHING: Must be able to repeatedly extend arms above head level to unstack kiln packs at the Planer In-feed and at the Resaw In-feed. HAND/EYE COORDINATION: Normal. Must be able to unstuck lumber at the Planer In-feed, gather and stack lumber at the Resaw and Planer Sorting Chains, handle lumber at and operate Chopsaws to include restacking into finished packages. LIFTING: This job requires frequent unassisted lifting of both small and large items. BENDING: This job requires frequent bending at the knees and waist. TWISTING: This job requires frequent twisting and turning at the waist and knees. PUSHING/PULLING: Pushing and pulling of empty and loaded carts is a daily task. Loaded carts may weight up to 2,500 pounds. STOOPING: This job requires some stooping in order to pass beneath the planer out-feed belt and to gain access to the area under the planer line for clean-up STANDING: Must be able to stand for at least two and one half hours at a time to perform daily job tasks. CLIMBING: While climbing is not a daily function of this job some climbing of ladders may be necessary. WALKING: Nearly all jobs in and around the shop require the ability to repeatedly walk several feet in order to stack or unstuck lumber packages. Average walking mobility is required. PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: UPPER BODY/ARM STR