HCA, Hospital Corporation of America Float Pool PACU Nurse PRN in Glendale, Colorado

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The Ambulatory Surgery Division operates over 100 ambulatory surgery centers’ across the U.S. Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) perform surgeries that do not require hospital admission. They provide cost-effective services and a convenient environment. Procedures are performed in a fully equipped operating room and recovery is under the care of highly skilled nurses. Whether young or old or somewhere in between, patients and their families benefit from the comfortable environment ASCs have to offer. Surgeries performed include eye, ear, nose and throat (ENT), general surgery, gynecologic, plastic surgery, podiatry and orthopedics. Apply Now! Come Join our Team!

GENERAL SUMMARY OF DUTIES:Contributes to the company’s mission and vision by utilizing the nursing process in planning, executing, and evaluating the nursing care rendered preoperative and postoperative until patient is dismissed from the facility. Nursing care meets the standards of the profession, the policies and procedures of the Center, and is appropriate to the Center’s patient population to identify patient and family needs.

/The Float Pool Registered Nurse will rotate to other Ambulatory Surgery Facilities, and will perform only those duties for which he/she has demonstrated competency. The Float Pool Registered Nurse performs delegated duties consistent with his/her scope of practice and functions within the philosophy and overall plan of care delivery./

SUPERVISOR– Float Pool Supervisor of Nursing, Nurse Manager, Nurse Supervisor, or designee.

OPERATIONAL DUTIES INCLUDE BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO: • Demonstrates necessary practical, technical or specialized knowledge and skills required for the role of the peri-operative nurse in accordance with patient care and regulatory standards of practice. Pre-op • Prepares patient care area adequately before case and ensures availability of necessary equipment and supplies. • Greets patient and family in a timely manner and keeps them informed of any delays/changes. • Verifies two patient identifiers utilizing the armband prior to any interventions. • Conducts complete patient assessment and evaluation of each patient prior to surgery or treatment, which includes review of patient history and diagnostic tests, physical, and psychological assessment. • Assess patient’s understanding of procedure and checks surgical consent for accuracy and completeness. Obtains and witnesses patient’s signature if needed. • Consistently reviews charts for completeness, in accordance with clinical protocols, prior to surgery (i.e. consents, H/P, diagnostic studies, assessments, home medications list, etc.) o Ensures that H/P is a complete full examination of all body systems and dated within 30-days prior to procedure. o Ensures that H/P, orders for the procedure, and consent form are consistent prior to placing in medical chart. • Verifies surgical site verbally with patient per policy. • Participates in the anesthesia time-out process if performed in the pre-op area prior to administration of pre-operative blocks or prior to the induction of anesthesia. • Initiates intravenous therapy as prescribed, utilizing aseptic technique utilizing appropriate IV start kit, catheter and fluid. Ensures that medication is labeled appropriately. • Receives and acknowledges preoperative physician’s orders and implements accordingly. Utilizing appropriate documentation for verbal/telephone orders. • Administers pre-operative medications as prescribed and utilizes safety medication practices (i.e. aseptic preparation, labeling medications, identifying high alert and independent check medications, 7 medication rights, narcotic waste, etc.). Monitors patient until transferred to OR. • Monitors patient if IV sedation given in pre-op setting to assure patient maintains airway and vital signs are stable. Administers oxygen and provides continuous monitoring and support as needed. • Demonstrates knowledge/understanding of pain blocks and is readily available to assist anesthesia as needed. Post-op • Prepares patient care area adequately and ensures availability of necessary equipment and supplies. • Demonstrates proper airway management techniques (oral airway, extubation, pulse oximetry monitoring, O2 administration, etc.) • Understand principals of hemodynamic monitoring and monitors patient according to policy (vital signs, temperature, cardiac, etc.). • Recognizes signs and symptoms of patient’s condition that indicate potential post procedure or anesthesia related complications and report to anesthesiologist immediately. • Monitors and maintains proper intravenous intake and output. • Exhibits proper technique for insertion, maintenance, and removal of IV catheters and saline locks. • Performs head to toe assessment of patient and evaluates patient utilizing approved scoring system upon admission and as indicated by policy. • Documents patient assessment upon admission. • Checks dressings and/or operative site and reports abnormalities to the surgeon. • Provides a safe and comforting environment for patient and family while restraining patient for safety reasons, as needed and in accordance with facility policy. • Prepares and administers medications in accordance with current practice (i.e. antibiotics, narcotics, preparing/labeling medications, identifying high alert medications, utilizing 7 patient rights for medication administration and appropriate handling of narcotic waste). • Demonstrates thorough understanding of medications utilized intra and poster operatively and recognizes the need for use of reversal drugs, when necessary. • Recognizes emergency situations and responds effectively in a calm and controlled manner. • Assures that patient meets all discharge criteria. o Patient is evaluated by a physician/anesthesia provider prior to discharge. o Written discharge order is received from the attending physician prior to patient discharge. o Patient is discharged home with a responsible adult, unless otherwise approved by physician. • Confirms that patient and family receives and verbalizes understanding of written discharge instructions. • Documents all appropriate patient information in accordance with charting guidelines. • Conducts patient post procedure calls. Documents and reports to patient’s physician any abnormalities communicated by patient/family member during the follow up call. • Takes responsibility for careful and accurate handling and/or logging of narcotics. • Utilizes appropriate body mechanics in moving patients and stretchers to prevent injury to patient and self. • Complies with principles of hand hygiene, aseptic and sterile technique. • Demonstrates knowledge related to maintenance and cleanliness of instruments and equipment. Maintains a sanitary environment for the provision of patient care. • Appropriately handles the disposal of biohazardous materials. • Restocks area daily, using appropriate par levels and daily stock sheets. • Spends appropriate time and energy on tasks and assignments based on the policies that are supportive of the Center’s goals and objectives. • Functions independently according to job responsibilities and within scope of practice utilizing current standards of care. • Takes personal initiative to maintain current RN licensure, BCLS, ACLS, and PALS (if indicated) and other professional certifications current as defined by job role. • Uses facility resources appropriately and avoids wasteful practices. • Attends all mandatory in-services, staff meetings and participates in emergency drills. • Participates in the orientation of new employees. • Completes annual competency and other required education as assigned. • Maintains confidentiality and security of records and patient information at all times. • Practices and adheres to the “Code of Conduct” philosophy and “Mission and Value Statement”. • While this is intended to be an accurate reflection of the current Position, it is not necessarily an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, skills, duties, requirements, or working conditions associated with the job. Management reserves the right to revise the Position or require that other or different tasks be performed when circumstances warrant (i.e. emergencies, changes in personnel or staffing, workload, rush jobs, or technical developments).


• Knowledge of peri-operative care standards and post-anesthesia techniques. • Ability to identify and select instruments and equipment necessary for patient procedures. • Demonstrates attention to detail by ensuring that all documentation is legible, complete, accurate, and factual. • Knowledge of organizational policies, procedures, systems and objectives. • Maintains advance knowledge of advances in peri-operative field of nursing. • Has knowledge of patient rights and strives to improve patient outcomes by respecting each patient’s cultural, psychosocial, and spiritual values. • Knowledge of applicable regulatory, compliance, and accreditation standards and requirements. • Possesses critical thinking skills. • Demonstrates a willingness to listen to others and openly expresses respect for differing opinions. • Demonstrates leadership, effective organizing, and planning skills. • Effective problem solving skills to include data analysis and judgment to make effective decisions. • Ability to work with minimal supervision. • High Impact Communication - Effective oral and written communication skills • Computer Skills – Knowledge and basic use of computer skills. • Maintains high level of confidentiality at all times. • Ability to build trust and gain respect through effective team leadership and participation skills.

EDUCATION: • Graduate from an accredited school of professional nursing.

EXPERIENCE: • Minimum 2 years experience in a Preop, PACU or ICU setting; preferably in an ambulatory surgery center. • Additional specialty experience may be required as per facility practices(i.e. Pediatric, GI, etc)

CERTIFICATION/LICENSE: • Active RN license as required by state of employment. • Required valid BCLS Certification upon employment.* *online certification not acceptable. • ACLS required. • PALS as required by facility.

Title: Float Pool PACU Nurse PRN

Location: Colorado-Glendale-Denver Surgery Centers CBO

Requisition ID: 09988-57664